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Essential Tips for Betting on the CFL: What Every Sports Bettor Should Know

While the NFL is seemingly the more famous American football league, sports bettors should not overlook the plentiful betting opportunities in the CFL. The CFL is full of unique playing styles, competitive teams, and an authentic Canadian take on football. When placing bets on the CFL, there are a few factors that sports bettors should keep at the forefront of their minds. Continue reading to learn more!

Analyse Past Performances

You can get valuable insights into a team’s potential for success by analyzing their past performances. Often, when placing bets at reliable sports betting sites in Ontario, this process of researching past performances is made easy as sportsbooks tend to post betting odds for Canadian bettors to look at. 

Make sure you take into account the caliber of the competition your preferred team faced up against. Consistent wins against poor or mediocre teams may not be as significant as consistent wins against other top teams in the league.

Consider Team Chemistry

An often overlooked factor when placing bets on the CFL is the team chemistry. Analyze the players on the field and how well they work together. This can include signs such as effective communication and coordination on the field or not blacking one another during crucial moments in the game. 

At the end of the day, it’s better to have a team of individually average players who work well together rather than a team of football superstars who don’t know how to coordinate the ball with each other. Teams that work together win together. Keep your ear to the ground, and be sure to keep an eye on any developments concerning team infighting or rivalries. 

Factor in The Home Ground Advantage

In all sports, the home-ground advantage can have a notable impact on the outcome of games and the CFL league is no exception. Teams tend to perform better when being hyped up by the passionate cheers of their home crowd. Familiarity with the field and the playing environment also contributes to this phenomenon of home-ground advantage. 

Conversely, opposing teams can be thrown off their game by factors such as a long travel difference or a change in time zone, impacting their chances of success. This often isn’t enough to drastically change the odds or outcome of a match, but it can sometimes be the hidden edge you need to make a more informed betting decision.

Look at Changes to the Lineup

Player injuries, trades and lineup changes can significantly impact a CFL team’s performance for better or for worse. On the other hand, players being swapped around at the last minute can easily affect your preconceived notions about how a match would have played out.

As a sports bettor, you should stay updated with the latest news and information regarding lineup changes. This will allow you to alter your betting strategy accordingly. Most sites allow you to alter your bets or daily fantasy picks until the match has started. Take advantage of this, and don’t be afraid to make last-minute changes.

Always Research the Weather

Weather can easily affect how a team performs during a game. Things like extreme temperatures, heavy rains and high winds can alter plays in ways that were previously unexpected. Extreme temperatures can force players to take more breaks in order to avoid collapsing from exhaustion, forcing teams to go deeper into their bench and field sub-optimal players. 

Likewise, heavy rains can affect running plays, making it harder for players to sprint at full force as the ground gets slippery. Keep in mind that both heavy rains and strong winds can affect a team’s passing game, as heavy rain can reduce visibility, and both weather conditions can affect the ball’s trajectory and speed. 

Teams will have to adapt on the fly to these conditions, and your original bet may not be the most accurate. So keep an eye on the weather for upcoming matches and make sure you take it into account when game day rolls around. 

In CFL betting, these essential tips can help you make more informed decisions and increase your chances of placing a successful bet. So, remember to analyze past performances, consider team chemistry, factor in the home-ground advantage, stay updated with any changes to the lineup and keep ane ye on the weather. Good luck!

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