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Everything Thing You Need to Know About American Football

American football is a game that has been around for many generations, and it’s still growing in popularity. The world’s best players participate in this game, which makes it more competitive.

American football is simply football in both America and Canada, but it differs from European football or soccer. It is also a big industry, and many casinos in America and Canada just depend on this game. If you love to bet, you can choose the best online casinos Canada or America.

The following blog will discuss what you must know about American football. Let’s start with a better understanding.

Object of Game 

You need to score more points than your opponents in American football. But it is a little different, and you can either score a goal for a touchdown into the end zone or run with the ball. Besides that, in other soccer or football, you don’t touch the ball on the ground.

In American football, each team has four chances to move the ball ten yards forward. For instance, the offensive team has four downs to gain ten yards or score a goal. If the offensive team doesn’t get ten yards, they must pass the balls to the defensive team after four downs. 

It is difficult to gain ten yards in this game because you have to tackle heavy and pro players. You can’t dodge them easily. For this, you should master the art of football with rigorous practice under the supervision of the best coaches.

How Many Players Are in a Team 

An American football team consists of 45 players, but only 11 players from each team can perform on the field. Players and coaches make different strategies to down the opponents. So, the teams are divided into three major groups according to the attacking strategy:

  1. Smaller 
  2. Stronger 
  3. Faster Players 

You make the group as mentioned above when you’re on the attack. On the other hand, defensive teams also make the same strategy to stop the goal. They make groups of players in the following way:

  • Larger players 
  • Powerful players
  • Special players 

In defensive teams, powerful players stop players from running. To stop faster, powerful players isn’t easy, so defensive teams place stronger players in the way of those players. 

On the other hand, special players work with larger and faster players. They work on punting strategy (a punt is a kick when a player drops the ball from the hand and kicks it before touching the ground).

Equipment in America Football 

When it comes to the size of the football field, an American football field is around 100 yards long and 60 yards wide approximately. Then, lines are drawn at 10 yards that show how far each team has to go before approaching the field’s end zone. As mentioned above, you have four chances of down and have to cover 10 yards with one chance.

Goal lines are indicated 10 yards inward from each end line. If you touch the ball down the ground in the end lines, your down will be considered a goal score. 

How Point Scores Are Allocated to Teams 

When the offensive team scores a goal, six points are awarded to that team. When a team scores a goal, it gets an additional chance to punt the ball from an extra point. But this kick should be according to the rules of the game and must pass upright posts. If a team performs a kick successfully, it is awarded 3 extra points. If the defensive team stops the ball in the end zone, it will get 2 points. 

Rules of American Football 

If any team wants to win the game, it will score more points than its opponents. For instance, if the game ties, extra time is given to teams to complete the game. 

Let’s discuss the basic rules of American football:

  • The time duration of American football is 60 minutes. 
  • This time is divided into four quarters, each lasting for 15 minutes. But the division of time is different at different levels. Sometimes, time is divided into two halves, and each half consists of 30 minutes. Sometimes the game continues for more than 60 minutes in case there is no winner in the allocated time.
  • Normally, three time-outs are given to teams. 
  • Each team has four downs to get 10 yards.
  • The ball is passed to the defensive team if any team doesn’t get 10 yards after the fourth chance.
  • Like other games, it starts with a toss, and which team wins the toss, possesses the ball, and starts the game from the desired pitch side.
  • In the fourth chance, the offensive team can punt the ball. The offensive team will get 2 points if it successfully covers 10 yards.
  • If the team touchdown ball in the end zone of the defensive or sideline, it will be considered a goal score. 

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