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Famous NFL Playboys and Bon Vivants

There’s so much more to the athletes at the top of their game in American football. Elite players generate so much interest, not only for their prowess on the field but also for their social lives. These premium sportsmen are looked up to for all sorts of reasons, with many of them being rightly acknowledged as role models for a generation of sporting fans. One intriguing aspect of some of the NFL’s most prominent playboys is that their social lives are often as down-to-earth as anyone else. Many women secretly fantasize about courting one of the NFL’s top receivers or offensive guards – and why shouldn’t they? A lot of celeb performers crave life out with the remorseless scrutiny of TV pundits or tabloid editors. Some of these players go out of their way to hook up and forge connections with ‘ordinary’ fans. Here, we’ll take a deeper dive into the romantic lives of three of the top players but also examine how North American football fans can make inroads into getting familiar with their sporting heroes.

Scoring With a Playboy

Any single who has ever set their sights on courting a high-performing athlete can choose various routes to get acquainted. Fan events. Hanging around outside stadiums or training parks (along with all the other autograph hunters). Or the most level playing field of all: digital matchmaking outlets. Every playboy is likely to have asked this question at some point: ‘Where would be the best place to arrange a romantic hookup near me?’ The best answer lies right at their fingertips. Literally, signing up for online dating platforms presents discreet opportunities to get to know a cross-section of people, from superstar athletes to more down-to-earth individuals. With secure communication channels allowing instant messages to be sent – in complete privacy – NFL icons can blend into the background when they’re flirting with eligible singles. These sites (and downloadable app versions) are generally free, flexible, and super-convenient.

NFL Chat to Break the Ice

Engaging in the latest news about Canadian and National pro football league stars is always subject to getting pulses racing. Chatting about various aspects of this sport cuts across every level of fandom. You might just dip into football now and again, keeping an eye on news relating to your local team. On the other hand, you might be more fanatical about games and trophies. Regardless of your background, it always pays to keep your finger on the pulse. For instance, if you were trying to impress a prospective partner who was a dedicated follower of Ottawa, you could follow the latest stories about McLeod Bethel-Thompson being sought as their next quarterback. If you can demonstrate a degree of interest in these bulletins, you’ll be able to forge a strong connection with other fans.

The Love Lives of Pros

Of course, while some players may be tempted to get to know singles from a diverse range of backgrounds, others will be drawn to fellow celebs. Here’s how some of the top players have got to know their partners.

– Reggie Bush

Bush, a former running back and now football analyst, started with New Orleans Saints in 2006, progressing to the Buffalo Bills in a 10-year career. But as well as his winning the Heisman trophy awarded to the country’s most outstanding player, he is equally renowned for his off-field antics, particularly his on/off relationship with reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Over the years, he has also been featured in gossip columns for his romance with a bevy of beauties, including model Amber Rose, pro wrestler Eve Torres, and actress/singer Melissa Molinaro. He married Armenian dancer Lilit Avagyan in 2014.

– Mark Sanchez

Californian quarterback Sanchez has enjoyed a glittering career since becoming one of the key players for the New York Jets back in 2009, a position he enjoyed for four years, right up to his tenure with Washington Redskins, via Colorado and Texas (Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys.) Also an avid fan of musical theatre, his exes include actress/model Eve Longoria and model Kate Upton.

– Tom Brady

Quarterback Brady has served two teams, New England Patriots for ten years, followed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. There were rumors of a fling with American Pie star Tara Reid, although he is now married to Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen.

So, what do these synopses of the love lives of some of the NFL’s most prominent playboys and bon vivant tell us? They might be athletes, but they’re also human. If you’re a single sports fan who has always dreamt of getting acquainted with someone from a football background, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t attract the attention of a single from a different background. All that’s required is a degree of confidence, a modicum of knowledge of the NFL, and a willingness to engage with popular digital matchmaking channels!

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