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How Many Teams Are In The Canadian Football League

The Canadian Football League, also known as the CFL, has been around since forming in 1958. And since then, it’s been a mainstay of the football scene. But, in sixty years, changes and all sorts have occurred, so which teams currently compete in the division?

At present, there are a total of nine teams competing in the CFL, with four battling it out in the East Division and five in the West. This is because Ottawa had a franchise that was booted out of the league in 2006. But they’re now back and competing in the West Division. And while the numbers may seem on the low side, the CFL is very popular. Even online operator PartyCasino has recently launched a sportsbook version that offers markets in Canadian Football League.

East Division

Hamilton Tiger-Cats – You can look at the history of the Tiger-Cats in a couple of ways. The team has made the most Grey Cup appearances (20) but lost the most (14). They also have the record for the longest winless run, which occurred in 1999.

Montreal Alouettes – The Alouettes are into their second run as a franchise after disbanding previously. They’ve won the Grey Cup six times, with their last victory being in 2010. They currently play home fixtures at the Percival Molson Memorial Stadium.

Ottawa Redblacks – The Redblacks, as mentioned above, are the newest Ottawa franchise, as the previous one was kicked out of the league in 2006. The Rough Riders won the Grey Cup nine times in their earlier guise.

Toronto Argonauts – The Argonauts have been one of the mainstays of the CFL, retaining their name and status from the beginning. They’ve won seven of the ten Grey Cups they’ve competed for and last tasted success in 2017.

West Division

BC Lions – The Lions are the newest franchise in the whole of the CFL, but they’ve put down roots quickly by establishing a 6-4 record in the Grey Cup, which is quite the achievement compared to others.

Calgary Stampeders – The Stampers play in one of the largest stadiums in the CFL, with the McMahon Stadium holding over 35,000 fans. Their record in the Grey Cup is also strong at 7-8, and they last bagged the trophy in 2018.

Edmonton Elks – The Elks are arguably the team everyone is talking about and the franchise of the moment. More than likely because they’re the defending Grey Cup champions. The Elks also play at the Commonwealth Stadium, which has the highest capacity in the CFL at 56,302.

Saskatchewan Roughriders – The Roughriders are one of the oldest franchises but believe it or not, they’re one of the least successful too, which is a real shame. They’ve only been to eleven Grey Cups, one of the lowest in the league.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers – From an unsuccessful team to one of the most successful. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers, akin to the Ottawa Rough Riders, have a stellar Grey Cup record with nine wins from fifteen appearances.

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