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Key NFL Questions Heading into Training Camp Break

As the NFL breaks for the summer with the conclusion of minicamps, the league remains abuzz with activity. Various issues continue to loom over the teams. In this analysis, we delve into the five biggest questions facing the NFL during this offseason hiatus.

Contract Challenges in New York

1.1 Resolving the Giants and Saquon Barkley’s Contract Situation

The New York Giants face a significant contract decision regarding star running back Saquon Barkley. The deadline for multi-year extensions for franchise-tagged players, including Barkley, is July 17. Although both parties express a desire for a long-term deal, negotiations have been challenging.

Complicating matters further, the running back market experienced a decline during free agency. With the New York Giants gamelines relying heavily on Barkley’s skills, his non-participation in minicamp and his potential holdout during training camp or even the season raise concerns for the team, who envision him as a vital part of their offense.

1.2 Jets’ Focus on Quinnen Williams’ Contract

Meanwhile, the New York Jets aim to secure a new contract for All-Pro defensive tackle Quinnen Williams. The defensive tackle market has witnessed significant growth, and Williams, awaiting an extension, expressed frustration during the offseason program. To maintain their focus on a Super Bowl push with Aaron Rodgers, the Jets prioritize settling Williams’ contract to avoid potential distractions during training camp.

The Status of Brock Purdy

2.1 Recovering from Elbow Surgery

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy’s recovery from offseason elbow surgery shows promise. The team is “incredibly encouraged” by his progress, and there is hope that he will be available for training camp. However, the timeline for his readiness remains uncertain. Purdy’s return will add intrigue to the 49ers’ training camp, as he is the presumptive starter once he is fully recovered.

Late-Entry Free Agents

3.1 The Market for DeAndre Hopkins and Dalvin Cook

The availability of top-tier skill position players like DeAndre Hopkins and Dalvin Cook later in the offseason is uncommon. Hopkins’ release from the Arizona Cardinals in May and Cook’s departure from the Minnesota Vikings in June made them sought-after additions for contending teams.

However, various factors complicate their free agency, including Hopkins’ recent injury history and Cook’s position as a running back in a challenging market. Limited salary cap space also poses a challenge for teams seeking to acquire these players.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s Foot Injury

4.1 Recovery and Expectations

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo underwent foot surgery in March, raising concerns about his availability for the start of training camp. While recent reports suggest he is expected to be ready, Garoppolo’s absence from OTAs and minicamp hinders his on-field chemistry with new teammates.

The Raiders’ success in the highly competitive AFC West is contingent on Garoppolo’s recovery and his ability to quickly adapt to Coach Josh McDaniels’ offense.

The Washington Commanders Under New Ownership

5.1 The End of the Dan Snyder Era

The impending sale of the Washington Commanders marks the end of the Dan Snyder era, bringing hope and anticipation for change. The team has experienced a decline in recent years due to off-field controversies and stadium issues. With new ownership on the horizon, fans eagerly await improvements and potential changes within the organization.

The new owners’ evaluation of current decision-makers and their impact on the team will generate interest and urgency during training camp.


While teams and players take a break before training camp, critical questions continue to loom over the NFL. Resolving contract issues, monitoring player recoveries, and adapting to new ownership are among the significant concerns facing teams.

As the summer progresses, fans and teams eagerly anticipate the answers to these pivotal questions that will shape the upcoming NFL season.

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