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Must-Have Youth Football Gear

Football is a contact sport. Sometimes the game can be rough and full of scary hits. To protect your favourite athlete from potential injuries, invest in protective gear like helmets, shoulder pads and cleats.

Don’t worry if you have little knowledge about youth football. In this guide, we’ll share a list of essential football gear you should buy your football-loving youth football player.

Football Helmet and Visor

A football helmet can mean the difference between enjoying football and being injured. Look for youth football helmets that meet the standards outlined by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA).

 According to NATA, a good youth football helmet needs to fit around a player’s head seamlessly. It shouldn’t be too big or too small. It should also have a chinstrap that allows the player to tighten the helmet without causing unnecessary movements.

Other important features include excellent support for the skull, proper vision and good alignment with the player’s ear canals. The helmet shouldn’t move on its own. And it needs to provide proper padding to protect an athlete’s face, cheeks and jawline.

Lately, many football players are buying visors to protect their eyes from injuries and eye glare. Consider buying a visor as an accessory for your helmet.

Football Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads are compulsory pieces of equipment for both youth and professional football players. Shoulder pads have evolved tremendously in the past 50 years.

Football shoulder pads used to be bulky and heavy. But thanks to advancements in technology, they’re incredibly light these days. That said, they’re all not created equal.

The best youth football shoulder pads provide excellent impact absorption, great ventilation, and top-notch comfort. They’re light, fit seamlessly and have quality padding all round.

Some manufacturers have shoulder pads designed for specific positions like QB and WR. These pads are lighter and have a special arch that helps the player remain agile and fast while in action.

Youth Football Cleats

Next up on the list of items you need to play youth football is a nice pair of cleats. The ideal pair of shoes for a youth football player should fit comfortably. They should be sturdy, properly padded and provide excellent grip on both grass and turf.

Kids tend to be rough while on the field. That means comfort and sturdiness are the two most important factors for selecting youth football cleats. Good football shoes should provide reliable traction on both dry and wet surfaces.

Importantly, they should allow your young dude to run comfortably without hurting his ankles or heels. Speaking of which, choose cleats with enough padding. Good padding helps provide comfort and absorb shock.

Thigh, Hip and Kneepads

There are two ways to protect your athlete from thigh, hip and knee injuries. First, you can buy pads specifically designed for each body part mentioned above. Another option is to purchase a football girdle with padding in the highlighted areas.

Buying an integrated football girdle is more economical. It also prevents the chances that your player will lose some of his pads on the field. Look for pads or girdles that provide both comfort and shock absorption in the thighs, hips and knees.

They also need to be light. Keep in mind your player will also be wearing shoulder pads and a helmet for an entire season. There’s no need to overwhelm him with bulky pads.

Jerseys, Pants and Gloves

Football requires special shirts and pants. Youth football jerseys provide a comfortable, breathable feel. They’re strong and can survive a lot of pulling and abuse.

Additionally, these jerseys have been designed to allow a wide range of movement for players. Football pants are equally strong and comfortable. Some of them also come with integrated pads to provide protection to the hips, thighs and knees.

After you buy pants and jerseys, add a pair of football gloves to your cart. Early every footballer used gloves while playing. Football gloves provide a firm grip on the ball. They provide warmth, comfort, shock absorption and protection from wrist injuries.

You have a few more football-related items you might need to buy for your athlete. A mouthguard is an excellent example. It can protect your player’s teeth during in case he’s hit on the head and his helmet isn’t strong enough.

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