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Ron Washington Takes Over Angeles Amid the Off-Season 

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A New Decision for the Angels

With an off-season looming, the Angeles are glad to announce that they hired a new manager. Ron Washington takes up this role on a two-year contract.

This comes after the Angeles suspended Phil Nevin at the end of the 2023 regular season. Ron, 72, is an experienced coach likely to make a significant impact following his impeccable career. He has been in the coaching scene for close to two decades.

An Incredible Season with Rangers

Ron’s first role as a manager was in 2007 with the Rangers. The club had an incredible season in 2009 and 2010, winning 90 and 96, respectively. 

Despite this excellence, the Rangers didn’t get the ultimate crown, but it goes in the record for the club to have reached this history as the team proceeded to the World Series. Rangers have pursued this dream and finally won the crown in 2023. 

With an incredible season at the Rangers, Ron has had several coaching roles, including Athletics (2015) and Atlanta (2017). He has turned down multiple invitations to manage big clubs, but joining Rangers is a significant step in his career. 

Ron’s hiring proves to be a move most teams consider by hiring experienced managers. Other senior managers in the latest hiring include Astros’ Dusty Baker, 70, Bruce Botchy, 67, for the Rangers, and Buck Showalter, 65, for the Mets.

The Halos initially wanted to hire Buck Showalter, but Ron Washington edged him. Other potential managers included Darin Ersted, Benji Gil, Tim Salmon, Torii Hunter, Ray Montgomery, Ron Roenicke, and Gary DiSarcina. 

A Huge Challenge Awaiting

Ron takes over Angeles, a team that needs help to make a good impression on fans and stakeholders. The team’s success is hard to predict, even though it has several elite players like Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani at the club for the last six years. The latter is a free agent, whereas Trout has been grappling with serious injuries almost every season.

Angeles last won the NFL season in 2015 and has been struggling to make their way back to such incredible sporting heights. In addition, the last time the Halos made a playoff appearance was in 2014, with the last postseason victory being in 2009. 

Ron taking over Angeles as an experienced coach seems to be against the NFL’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, of hiring minority coaches. He faces a huge challenge to prove in the next two years of his contract. 

Ohtani could be open to discussions and a re-signing deal even though he will likely end his career elsewhere. A rebuild could be possible if decision-makers agree to the assessment.

The upcoming months could be tough for Ron, but he is equal to the task even as the team figures out the unknowns. With Ron joining Angeles, the league remains with three to-be-filled managerial positions in 2024. Brewers, Astros, and Padres are on the verge of getting new coaches in the coming season. Besides, Atlanta is hoping to get their third base coach.

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