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The benefits of using professional translation services in sport

Watching our favourite sports teams play in various global leagues around the world is exciting and means that we can watch sports that might not be available in our country. Translation services play a huge and essential role in sports, whether that’s for the fans that are watching, or the players and teams training. But how much do you know about these services, and have you ever thought about how they come into play in the world of sports? Read on to find out more about the impact translation services can have on players, fans, and teams worldwide.

What are translation services?

Professional translation services can be used to change written documents, content, and communications from one language to another. These services offer expertise in a range of languages with the help of native speakers, which can help in a range of sectors, sports being one of them. Translation services allow sports teams to operate on a global scale, giving them the upper hand over competitors who are restricted due to language barriers. There are translation experts to help teams communicate in several languages, in a way that expresses empathy and the correct tone of voice. Most of these services can also help with interpretation – meaning you can talk to current and prospective players in their native language.

Who can use them?

Most sports teams around the world communicate with players in other countries regularly, whether you’re signing players for the Premier League in the UK, or the MLS in the States, using a translation service would be a great choice. Teams that are thinking about expanding overseas or have fans that interact with them regularly on a global scale could use translation services to help communicate with them clearly and accurately, which will allow you to spread the word about your team.

What are the benefits of translation in sports?

As we’ve mentioned above, translation services can be used in a range of ways to communicate with others all around the world – no matter the language they speak. If you’re still not convinced, here are a few ways in which these services can boost sports for the better.

Communicate with fans

Sports should be accessible to everyone, no matter the country – which is why translation services are so important. Some of the most popular sports that are watched all over the world include NFL, La Liga, NBA, and the Premier League. Whether you love American Football, or you prefer soccer, you should be able to enjoy your chosen sport even if you don’t speak the language of the country in which it’s being played. This is where translation services can help. Sports teams could implement various languages on their website so fans can stay up to date with frequent updates, as well as team news and new players easily. Teams could also look at captioning the videos that they add to social media so that non-native speakers around the world can still enjoy hearing what their favourite players have to say.

Sign new players

Sports teams all over the world sign new players to help boost their squad, but many of them don’t speak the same language. Whilst NFL has one of the lowest percentages of players from other countries, sports like Major League Baseball, soccer, and football see transfers happening from around the world. Translation services could be a great tool to help with the acquisition of players and to help them settle into their new team. Translation services can also help them to understand more clearly how they’re going to fit into the team and the role they will play. This can help not only with player integration but to ensure the team functions to the best of its ability.


Advertising and promotion play a huge role when it comes to spreading the word about specific sporting events and teams in other countries – this would not be possible without translation services. There are so many ways to watch your favourite sports, which is what makes them accessible on a worldwide scale, so having translation services creates a more enhanced experience for fans. As we mentioned above, ads online could also be translated to reach their target audience in their native language more easily, to promote a certain team or event.  

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