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The Global Takeover of the NFL

The NFL is finally taking over the world. Okay, maybe not quite yet, perhaps soccer and its FIFA World Cup reign supreme. But more and more global countries are jumping on the football bandwagon. 
From London to Mexico City and beyond, the premier football league on the planet is expanding its reach beyond its traditional borders of the United States. But how has this become possible? Which countries are showing an interest in facilitating the expansion? 

France will be hosting New Orleans Saints games, Germany will play host to the Atlanta Falcons and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be following in the footsteps of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish by playing games in Ireland. This is all part of the NFL’s long-term plan to expand its global reach and establish a more permanent presence in various locations around the world. So, how can these new clubs effectively market themselves in these new international locations? One approach is to enter into a sponsorship with a sportsbook or online casino, as many other NFL teams have done. 

Modern Marketing 

Should a team permanently opt to relocate outside the Land of the Free or should a new expansion franchise ever be created – as has been rumored for some time now – then they too can follow suit. For instance, the Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles, and many other top franchises have all announced promotional deals with big-time companies in recent years, expanding both the team and the brand’s influence across the globe. 

Of course, the major advantage of this is increased revenue… money ultimately makes the world go round. Additionally, sportsbooks and casinos offer their own level of exposure and fan engagement that can prove invaluable when it comes to building a fanbase.

An Ever Shrinking World 

In today’s digital age, there’s no shortage of sports content available to fans across the world. And digesting that content has never been easier. But it isn’t just smart devices bringing the planet closer together that have helped the NFL. The league has actively been bringing live games closer to supporters for over a decade now, and it will continue to do so in the coming years.

It all started with the NFL International Series in London. Games that were hosted there in 2005 paved the way for the expansion of American football in the United Kingdom. Fast-forward to the 2020s, and we now have the Jacksonville Jaguars playing several of their home games in London each season. And it isn’t just the Jags, as we alluded to earlier. 

Other Perks of International Expansion 

For starters, more international games mean a more diverse fanbase as people from every corner of the planet have access to up close and personal football. Additionally, an increased global presence also means increased merchandising sales, increased tourism, and increased advertising revenue. Fantasy football is also something that is immensely popular stateside and there’s no reason why that can’t be the case overseas as well. Implementing a fantasy football league in new countries can draw in enthusiastic football fans who might not be familiar with the ins and outs of the NFL yet. The league can even create tailor-made packages based on geographical location and target markets, increasing participation rates.

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