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The Grey Cup: Explore the History and Significance of the Grey Cup and the Most Famous Sponsorship

Football was and remains the most watched sport around the globe. One of the trending leagues in the world, the CFL is enjoying great interest from football fans, including those in Australia. Today, while watching a match, you can not only bet on sports, but also play sport pokies in an online casinos Australia auspokiesguide with bonuses. But, what do you know about the historic Grey Cup and its history?

Despite this being the 56th season of professional football in Canada and the 52nd official season of the CFL, many are not familiar with the Grey Cup and its significance. You can easily play pay id pokies and receive your winnings safely and at the same day. With PayID payouts, it’s also safe to bet if you’re interested in the topic. But will you recognize the Gray Cup and the story behind it when you see it?

That’s what this article is all about – to help you learn about the history and significance of the Grey Cup. In addition to that, we’ll discuss the most famous sponsorships of the CFL today.

What Is the History of the Grey Cup?

The Grey Cup is a football event revolving around a CFL trophy with an amazing history. For over a decade, it’s been ingrained into the culture of Canadians. Think of it as the Canadian super bowl. The Grey Cup is the premier football event of the year in Canada, one that attracts fans and bettors every year.

In 1909, the Grey Cup was donated by Earl Grey, the Canadian Governor General of Canada. It was first given to an amateur rugby football team in the twentieth century but soon after, it became the position of the CFL as it grew to become a professional football league.

The Grey Cup is the name of the championship game of the CFL, but also the name of the trophy. Just a few years back, it took a backseat to the Stanley Cup of the NHL. However, thanks to the growing popularity of the CFL and the growth of hockey outside of Canada, the Grey Cup has become a prime time for Canadians to celebrate their heritage and love for sports.

Interesting fact – the Cup itself was broken on several occasions, held for ransom, and stolen twice. As unbelievable as it sounds, it even survived a fire when several artifacts in the same building were destroyed.

Among the teams that still play in the CFL the ones with the most Grey Cups are the Argonauts – 17 of them, followed by the Edmonton Elks with 14 and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers with 12.

The Significance of Sponsorship Deals of the Grey Cup

Sponsorships do a lot for leagues, teams, as well as fans of a sport. It’s not only a way to fund the team’s expenses and the events, but also a way to improve team morale, share awareness about the league, and of course, engage the audience.

As you can imagine, the Grey Cup and the CFL have attracted grand sponsorship deals over the years. Let’s take a closer look at them.

The Most Famous Grey Cup Sponsorships

Let’s take a look at the top 5 sponsors of the Grey Cup.


In 2021, the CFL proudly announced its partnership with BetRegal which will last for years. Right now, this is the Official Online Sports Gaming Partner of the league. They also revealed that the Canadian Football Hall of Fame quarterbacks Matt Dunigan and Damon Allen will be part of the BetRegal Legends ambassador group.


While Bet Regal is the official sponsor of the league, other gambling companies invest grand sums in the teams, too. One of them is Bet365, a company that has invested a small fortune into this league and the cups for several years now.

Bank of Montreal

The BMO is frequently engaged in sports and already sponsoring community-based leagues in addition to professional teams. They support the Toronto Argonauts, and the Montreal Alouettes, and are frequent contributors to the Grey Cup.


Safeway is a supermarket chain in Canada that has entered into a sponsorship deal with the league. They also launched a contest where customers can win prizes such as game tickets.


Last but not least is Purolator, a sponsor of the CFL and the Grey Cup since 2003. The company has been working as the official courier, supporting the league by running its popular Purolator Tackle Hunger program. The program gives fans of the league a chance to help those struggling with food insecurities. Fans can use the program to bring food or donate money during selected games in a given season.

The Grey Cup is a Canadian signature, an event that impresses and engages people from all sides of Canada. It’s also a great event to follow from any location in the world. Have you followed it before?

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