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The Most Popular Themed Slot Games in Canada

With online casino play starting to open up across North America, players in Canada have more choice now than ever before. Many digital operators are established, and their customer bases are growing.

Within those digital casino rooms, the slots are the busiest area of any platform. They are popular for many reasons, with fast results and entertaining gameplay plus a range of bonus features.

Slots also come with a wide variety of different themes. There are options to suit all players, but what are the most popular themed slots among Canadian casino players?

TV and Movie Themes

The big software developers will aim to obtain licenses from certain TV and film franchises, and they look to transform them into slot games. When such a program or movie has a big following, the slot that emerges already has an audience willing to try it out.

Some of the more popular film or TV-based slots have used Batman, Game of Thrones, Lara Croft and others. When a license isn’t available, the developers use similarities to the film that they were looking to replicate. Explorer Rich Wilde, in his Book of Dead slot bears a striking resemblance to an iconic character played by Harrison Ford.

Classic Slots

The term, classic slots is given to a group of games that incorporate images from the golden age of casino play. If you’ve ever played a slot in the physical world, chances are it will offer this iconic style of gameplay.

The symbols involved generally represent fruit, with lemons, cherries, watermelons, strawberries and others, lining up alongside lucky number 7s and bar images. The game is a simple one, with few or no bonus rounds. The aim is to line up matching symbols along a payline. Online options that follow this theme are known as classic slots, and they have a big following among players.

Music Slots

Many iconic rock bands have also received tributes via the slot developers. It’s mostly metal artists that are represented, and that’s why we have slots based on Motorhead, Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Ozzy Osbourne among others.

Music-themed slots already have a willing fanbase who are eager to try out the games. The producers can use a great soundtrack and graphics, and this type of game can also involve a number of innovative bonus rounds.

It’s a perfect combination and one that makes music slots one of the most popular themes online.

Fantasy Themes

This is a broad base that can cover many different sub themes. Fantasy slots can feature fairies, wizards, elves, mermaids and all manner of enchanted creatures. Their popularity lies in that diversity, but perhaps the theme also offers a sense of escapism.

One of the most iconic wizards is Merlin, and he is involved in several online slot games. He’s joined by a multitude of other characters, and there are hundreds of slots contained in this genre. The fantasy element also allows developers to explore the parameters of their imaginations with elaborate bonus rounds, making this one of the most creative themes around.


Our social media feeds are crammed with animals doing the most ridiculous things, so it’s no surprise that they feature heavily at online slots. The games in question will often feature cartoon designs, while others like to employ more realistic graphics.

Animal-themed slots will often have bonus rounds, and they can be set in the creatures’ natural habitats. The Serengeti is often employed as a backdrop. While they may not be truly unique among slots, many people identify with animals, and that’s why this theme is such a popular one.


Sports-themed slots are among the newer entries on the list. Traditionally, online casinos have looked to keep the sportsbook side of the business as a separate entity, but certain games are now crossing into both areas of the platforms.

Horse racing and football are the two most popular sports, and these are more regularly replicated in slot form. The classic element of slot play is in place, with players spinning the reels and looking to line up matching symbols along a payline.

Developers then look to add a sportsbook element to the game by allowing players to stake on certain possible outcomes. With bonus rounds included, slots that feature sports can be the most diverse and innovative at any online casino.

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