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Edmonton Elks sign REC Arland Bruce IV, son of former CFL All-Star player, after Iowa gambling scandal

Edmonton Elks have signed All-American receiver Arland Bruce IV, son of a former CFL All-Star player.

Bruce played 25 games over two seasons at the University of Iowa, but his college career came to an end due to an illegal gambling scandal. He was one of five Iowa student-athletes charged by state prosecutors in August 2023 with placing bets on games they participated in.

In September, a 21-year-old man pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of participating in gambling while a minor and was fined $645. According to the complaint, he participated in a scheme with Vincent Bruce, who was an adult, to place bets on his behalf through a DraftKings account. In total, he was accused of making 132 bets worth more than $4,342, including 19 bets on 11 games he played in the 2021 and 2022 seasons. It is not yet known if the athlete was only involved in betting or gambling as well. According to, many players are attracted to no-deposit free spins for registrations. Athletes are especially susceptible to this, as their entire careers are built on excitement and thirst for achievement.

Bruce allegedly bet on fewer points in the 2022 game against Northwestern in which he played. He caught two passes for 19 yards and completed three passes for 27 yards in a 33-13 victory, scoring a touchdown that ended the game.

The athlete transferred to Oklahoma State for the 2023 season, but the NCAA ruled him ineligible due to criminal charges. Instead of seeking reinstatement, Bruce is a high school dropout with a career-high 44 receptions for 396 yards and two touchdowns, and 22 carries for 122 yards.

CFL develops new program to prevent manipulation of game outcomes

The Canadian Football League (CFL) has announced its new policy on match manipulation, requiring all players and staff to undergo mandatory training at the Canadian Center for Sports Ethics (CCES). However, the CFL Professional Players Association (CFLPA) said they have not been provided official guidance on penalties for gambling, and the decision to suspend is at the discretion of the commissioner.

Over the past two seasons in the National Football League (NFL), ten players have been suspended for gambling-related offenses, including Jacksonville Jaguars successor Calvin Ridley. However, there is no public record of the CFL ever resorting to disqualification due to betting on sporting events.

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