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Week 10 Recap: Montreal Alouettes’ Striking Victory Over Saskatchewan

In a thrilling showdown that kept fans on their seats, the Montreal Alouettes pulled off a remarkable victory over Saskatchewan during Week 10. The match showcased a blend of strategy, skill, and sheer determination as both teams gave their all in an unforgettable display of Canadian football. This recap highlights the key moments that defined the match and set the Alouettes on the path to triumph.

Perfect Game Plan

The strategic brilliance of the Alouettes’ coaching staff was on full display during the game. Knowing the stakes, they primarily relied on their run plays, a decision that turned out to be a game-changer. Despite William Stanback sitting out, Walter Fletcher and Jeshrun Antwi stepped up and shared the carries, becoming the driving force behind Montreal’s offensive production.

This run-heavy approach kept Saskatchewan on the back foot and alleviated the pressure on newcomer Caleb Evans. The 25-year-old quarterback, known for his running prowess, was able to capitalize on these moments, making crucial plays when required. Although Evans’ potential as a passer still requires some polishing, his performance in this match demonstrated his promising future. This perfect blend of strategy and execution was a testament to the Alouettes’ well-crafted game plan, leading them to a well-deserved victory.

Running Backs Played Excellent

In the absence of William Stanback, Walter Fletcher, and Jeshrun Antwi proved to be the Alouettes’ secret weapons. Fletcher, with an exceptional rush of 15 times for 73 yards, averaged an impressive 6.7 yards per carry. On the other hand, Antwi stunned spectators with 7 rushes for 47 yards, averaging a solid 4.9 yards. His 19-yard touchdown was a sight to behold, as he broke tackles and pushed the safety the last 2 yards to score. Fletcher also shone in the passing game, with a notable 68-yard reception on a screenplay.

Together, they created havoc for the Saskatchewan defense, often gaining extra yards after initial contact, and were integral in amassing 186 of Montreal’s 328 offensive yards. Their hard-running style, agility, and sheer determination were instrumental in the team’s success, underlining an excellent performance by the Alouettes’ running backs.

A Reminder of the Importance of Cody Fajardo

As the Alouettes celebrated their victory, the game also served as a stark reminder of the importance of Cody Fajardo to Saskatchewan. Fajardo’s absence was keenly felt, highlighting his role as the lynchpin of the Saskatchewan offense. Caleb Evans’ performance, while promising, fell short in terms of passing precision. Completing 8 of his 13 passes, Evans amassed 149 yards, with two notable exceptions – a 56-yard touchdown pass to Austin Mack and a 68-yard screen pass to Walter Fletcher.

Excluding these, his passing yardage would have reduced to a stark 25 yards. Although Evans supplemented his performance with 66 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns, his passing game lacked the consistency and reliability that Fajardo regularly brings. This underlines Fajardo’s crucial role, and the need for Saskatchewan to ensure his fitness and availability, especially heading into important fixtures such as playoff games.

A Good Day by the Offensive Line

The exceptional performance of Montreal’s offensive line was another crucial factor in this victory. Their stellar performance limited Saskatchewan to just one sack in the entire game, an impressive feat considering Saskatchewan’s six sacks in their previous match against Ottawa. The Alouettes’ offensive line also did a commendable job creating opportunities for their running backs, paving the way for the team’s robust running game.

Even under the constant pressure from Saskatchewan’s ace, Anthony Lanier II, the Alouettes’ offensive line held their ground, enabling Evans to make critical plays. Their ability to quickly adapt and respond to pressure situations was a testament to their resilience and strength. This game was a great example of the offensive line’s potential when the team leans more heavily on running the ball.

Defensive Players Played Great

Montreal’s defensive lineup truly shone in this match, showcasing grit and tenacity that contributed significantly to their victory. Leading the charge was Tyrice Beverette, whose performance was phenomenal. Beverette’s defensive touchdown was a standout moment in the game, solidifying his status as Montreal’s most impactful defensive player.

His persistent pressure on the quarterback and crucial run stops in the pivotal 4th quarter were instrumental in maintaining Montreal’s lead. Beverette’s dynamic performance was complemented by Shawn Lemon and Avery Ellis, each of whom contributed a sack. Ellis’s sack resulted in a fumble recovery which was returned for a touchdown, further boosting Montreal’s lead. Jamal Davis II also had a commendable game, with at least three quality pressures that resulted in the quarterback being knocked down twice. These performances underscored the pivotal role played by the Alouettes’ defensive squad in this remarkable victory.


In conclusion, the Alouettes’ exceptional performance against Saskatchewan was a collective effort, a perfect blend of strategic brilliance, physical prowess, and tenacity. The coaching staff’s astute game plan and the offensive and defensive players’ top-notch performances resulted in a well-deserved victory. It’s a testament to their preparation, teamwork, and determination.

As the team moves forward, maintaining this momentum can’t be overstated. The players and the coaching staff must learn and improve from this experience as they navigate the rest of the season. If the Alouettes continue along this trajectory, they pose a formidable challenge for any opponent. So the online sports betting community should keep their eye out for Montreal’s next match!

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