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What is a Rouge in the CFL?

In Canadian Football League (CFL) play, the rouge or single point is a unique scoring method that reflects the game’s distinct style and rules. The rouge awards one point to a team when the ball is kicked into the opponent’s end zone by any legal means—other than a successful field goal—and the receiving team does not return or advance the ball out of its end zone.

Here’s how it works: if a player kicks the ball, and it goes out of bounds in the end zone or is not returned out of the end zone, the kicking team scores a rouge. This rule applies to kickoffs, punts, and missed field goals, making special teams play a strategic and potentially high-scoring component of the game.

The existence of the rouge adds a layer of excitement and strategy to the CFL, influencing the decisions teams make near the end of close games. For instance, a team trailing by two points might attempt a long field goal late in the game. If the field goal is missed but not returned from the end zone, the team still earns a rouge, reducing the deficit and potentially changing the end-game approach.

Understanding such nuances of the CFL can be particularly intriguing for those who enjoy betting on sports. It introduces unique considerations that can affect the outcome of games and thus betting strategies. For those interested in exploring opportunities beyond their regular avenues, non-UK sites available on provide a platform for engaging with a variety of sports, including CFL games.

By incorporating the rouge, the CFL not only distinguishes itself from other football leagues but also enhances the depth of strategy in its games, offering a distinctive experience for players, fans, and sports bettors alike.

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