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Who Will Win the Grey Cup In 2022?

After Clinching the last two Grey Cups, can the Blue Bombers keep the momentum going and win their 3rd back to back Grey Cup?

We are part of the camp of CFL fans that would answer this question with a resounding “yes!”.

The Bombers finished the 2021 regular season with 11 out of 14 wins and a win% record of 78.58% but they’ve topped it this season by ending the 2022 regular season with 13 wins out 15 with a record of 86.7% with 3 more games to go.

Even if the Bombers lose all of their remaining games, they will have they’ll still be tied with the Stampeders as the top team.

If as a football fan you were to visit a sportsbook online like Unibet, you’ll see this reflected in the odds with the Bombers having the best odds at +110 of clinching the Grey Cup in 2022 as well.

If the Bombers manage to win the Grey Cup this season they’ll be the first team to win 3 back to back Grey Cups since the Edmonton Eskimos in 1980.

Who Can Stop the Bombers?

Our bet would be on the Stampeders and they have the second best shot at winning the Grey Cup at +450. Sure, the Stampeders have lost to the Bombers every time they played them this season but fortunes can change and the Stampeders might have run riot during the Grey Cup and get their revenge on the Bombers who have been explosive under Coach Dickenson.

The BC Lions would be our third pick for winning the 109th Grey Cup and they have the third best odds at +550 alongside the Argonauts.

The Lions mauled the Stampeders twice this season.

They face the Bombers twice in October and their performance in these games would give us a better view of what to expect.

Our fourth pick for the winner of the Grey Cup this year would be the Argonauts and as we mentioned earlier, they are tied with the Lions at +550 as the third likeliest team to win.

At the time of writing, the Argonauts are leading the East division with the Alouettes breathing down their necks.

The Argonauts also need to work on their attack if they want to have a good shot at winning.

2022 CFL Most Outstanding Player Award

In the last 6 seasons, 5 of the 6 winners were quarter backs and in our opinion we feel like it’s going to a QB this time around as well.

That QB in our prediction would be the Blue Bomber’s, Zach Collaros who won last year’s award as well.

Collaros has been an absolute beast this season clocking in a career best 286 completions, 3874 yards and 32 touchdowns.

Carey Ka’Deem would be our second pick if the Stampeders pull of a surprise win over the Bombers. While Collaros leads in passes, Ka’Deem is a beast in rushing. He has the most yards at 949.

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