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Cologne Centurions Madre London Wins MVP

Cologne Centurions Barcelona Dragons am 2762021 im Südstadion Köln

The former Michigan State and Tennesse RB Madre London has won the MVP of the European League of Football. On October 1st the League had their honors ceremony, among the other awards given, London win the top league award.

London ended his college career with 1130 yards on 272 carries and 11 TDs, combined with 15 catches for 105 yards and 1 TD. He went undrafted in 2019, but in the fall of 2020, he participated in The Spring league for the Alphas, but unfortunately, they didn’t keep regular statistics. After the season finished, He went on to play in Fan Controlled Football, where he was under-used.

Eventually, The European League of Football came calling, and finally, Madre was able to showcase his talent on a full-time basis. It only took him 4 games to gain 1,000 yards, and it only took 9 games for him to break 2,000. Ending the season with 10 games, 303 attempts, 2177 yards, 7.2 per carry, 23 TDs, his longest run was 86 yards, and he averaged 217.7 yards per game.

That doesn’t mean his team was the best in the league either. There was a lot of parity, but the Centurions ended the season 5-6, so, it isn’t as if they were tearing the field up.

Madre just re-signed with the Cologne Centurions, so, they should have the number 1 run game again next year, even though at least 3 new teams are joining the league.

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