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Dragons OC Talks About the ELF, and How He Got There

Recently we were able to sit down with coach Patrick Wennin, the offensive coordinator and RBs coach of the Barcelona Dragons.

he was only recently promoted to coordinator, and proceeded to beat one the most talented teams in the European League of Football, the Cologne Centurions.

So we asked coach Wennin to give a bit of back story about how he got here this was the first part;

“You know, that that, you know, you always miss the game, but able to see the game a little little bit different at a young age. But once a second injury kind of happened, I was I decided to come back home to Florida International University, FIU. And basically we just I my head coach asked me, my head coach in high school, asked me if I want to do, you know, help out the team, how about the program until I was about 19 years old and just started coaching from there and then it took off a couple of different high schools in Miami. So I became a running backs coach. Their receivers, you know, it’s a small little private school. So you do a little bit of everything, the DBs, special teams. And then I was able to become an offensive coordinator, LaSalle, which is another small high school.

But that he wasn’t finished at the high school level yet:

“I’m running back and I was always coaching running backs, but I had to coach all I know to coach quarterbacks to move over to the defensive side and coach DBs. And that helped me understand the game a lot more. And, you know, Bill Belichick talks about that all the time, that polarizing coaches to to learn the game the best is to teach it.and then I was able to go to Miami Palmetto, which is a pretty big program right now in South Florida. We’ve got a couple we said, I think 16 kids to colleges this past year and some big time colleges, university and the University of Florida, Louisville.”

Coaching ralls about his attention detail, and how that helped him make the transition from high school coaching to professional in the ELF. Here’s what he said about that move;

“You know, in high school, you have a lot of coaches, we have different jobs and then we just meet up at two thirty, three o’clock and talk about it throughout the day and get to practice. But here, you know, we’re we’re in the office at nine a.m. watching film and video game plans and practice groups. And it’s just so you know, it’s a whole day thing. It’s let’s get our film. Let’s get the players right. And so to me, that was probably the biggest adjustment. But once we got into the things that I was able to learn a lot.”

The adjustment to OC has definitely helped. They just can away with a big victory against good Centurions team, and backed it up by overcoming early adversity, and getting their 2 win in a row. Keeping them alive for the playoffs.

mMy next question is about some of his players, QB Zach Edwards and WR/KR Jean Constant, here’s how he describes having these guy on the team:

“They’re great, you know, they’ve won, they came in here with that leadership role and they are awesome to work with, we have a good relationship with both of them. And I think a lot of what you know, what I like what I like to do is is about what they like never did before. My players in positions where. So we’re not all sitting around. They probably get really annoyed by me, but hey, what do you think it is? What do you do about that?

How can we adjust to you guys? Because the worst thing in the world is to force the police on your players. They got it. They got to feel the place. So so if you can grow as a team together, you know, it’s what we’re doing. It’s what we’re doing in Barcelona as an organization.

That’s the sign of a good coach. Not forcing players to play within his rights system, but adjusting the system to help bring out the strengths of his players.

Finally, I asked coach wjt he wanted to say, and here it is:

“I’m grateful and blessed and thankful that this organization trusts me. You know, I just now it’s putting the players in the right position.”

Thanks for talking with us coach! And you can hear the full interview at the link below.

Interview with Coach Wennin on CFL NewsHub YouTube channel, begins at the 54:54 mark:

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