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European League of Football (ELF) Offseason Update: Patriots Fullback Becomes Surge Co-Owner, Sea Devils Find Head Coach & More

New England Patriots Fullback Announced As Surge Co-Owner

The Stuttgart Surge have announced New England Patriots fullback Jakob Johnson as a team co-owner.

Johnson worked his way through the NFL’s International Pathways Program after playing college football at the University of Tennessee from 2014 to 2017. The German NFL Player was signed by the Patriots in 2019 as a free agent and has earned a role in New England’s offense over the past 3 seasons.

Stuttgart Surge General Manager Suni Musa commented on the teams new co-owner, stating,

“We are extremely happy to have gained Jakob [Johnson] as a co-owner. He represents the values of our franchise and is a huge role model for all our young players. Johnson was raised in Stuttgart and is a huge fan of the European League of Football. I am looking forward to his ideas and to our collaboration!”

Hamburg Sea Devils Announce Charles Jones As Head Coach

The Hamburg Sea Devils have brought in Charles “Yogi” Jones as the team’s head coach for the 2022 season.

Jones served as the linebackers coach for NFL Europe’s former iteration of the Hamburg Sea Devils in 2007. He also has 11 years of experience as an assistant head coach and defensive coordinator for the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats in the NCAA’s Southwestern Athletic Conference.

Sea Devils General Manager Max Paatz is confident the franchise is moving in the right direction and commented on Jones addition, stating,

“When someone gives up a longtime leadership role in NCAA Division I to coach for us, it’s a clear statement of the value of the European League of Football and European football. To have attracted someone like this to our football program makes me very happy. Yogi Jones is a proven football expert. Together with our coaching staff, I am sure he will once again turn Hamburg into a top team,”

Players Signed/ Re-Signed

  • Düsseldorf Rhein Fire – TE – Silvan Barelds
  • Düsseldorf Rhein Fire – P – Maximilian Eisenhut
  • Düsseldorf Rhein Fire – DL – Jason Chikere
  • Düsseldorf Rhein Fire – DB – Jannik Seibel
  • Leipzig Kings – DL – Myke Tavarrres
  • Leipzig Kings – TE – Philip Eichhorn
  • Leipzig Kings – DL – Christopher Hans
  • Frankfurt Galaxy – LB – Sebastian Gauthier
  • Frankfurt Galaxy – RB – Gennadiy Adams
  • Frankfurt Galaxy – OL – Yannic Kiehl
  • Frankfurt Galaxy – LB – Wael Nasri
  • Cologne Centurions – FB /LS – Denis Dauben
  • Hamburg Sea Devils – OL – Dominik Behrens
  • Hamburg Sea Devils – K/P – Eric Schlomm
  • Hamburg Sea Devils – DB – Alexandr Astahin
  • Hamburg Sea Devils – LB – Matthias Spiegel
  • Stuttgart Surge – DB – Nick Wenzelburger
  • Stuttgart Surge – WR – Noah Bomba
  • Berlin Thunder – OL – Alper Peközer
  • Berlin Thunder – QB/WR – Ian Gehrke
  • Barcelona Dragons – LB – Sebastián Castañer
  • Barcelona Dragons – OL – Jean-Marc Ciocan
  • Vienna Vikings – WR – Jordan Bouah
  • Vienna Vikings – DL – Florian Sudi
  • Vienna Vikings – TE – Rudi-Lee Frey

The Frankfurt Galaxy have re-signed running back Gennadiy Adams for the 2022 season.

Galaxy head coach Thomas Kösling commented on Adams return to Frankfurt, stating,

“With Adams, we get our second American on our offensive side back. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to play a large portion of last season because of a severe injury; But his 43-yard touchdown in the Championship Game hinted at what he’s able to do. In 2022, we can definitely look forward to more of those kinds of plays. Welcome back!”

Adams ended the 2021 season with 70 carries for 381 yards and 4 touchdowns in 7 games.

The Düsseldorf Rhein Fire have signed Dutch tight end and NFL International Combine attendee Silvan Barelds for the 2022 season.

Barelds began playing American Football as a running back and at multiple defensive positions in the Netherlands. He’d make the switch to tight end in 2021 during his rookie season for the Düsseldorf Panthers in the German Football Leagues (GFL) and found immediate success at the position.

In 2021, He’d play in 9 games for the Düsseldorf Panthers, ending the season with 16 receptions for 331 yards and 4 touchdowns. Putting up a performance like that in his first year at the position caught the eye of the NFL’s international scouts, earning him an invite to the NFL’s International Combine to have a shot at the NFL’s International Pathways Program.

According to a survey conducted by ‘AFG Videoforschung‘ on behalf of Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR), American Football is now the 2nd most popular sport on German TV, behind Soccer.

European League of Football Managing Director Zeljko Karajica commented on the survey’s findings, stating,

“This study confirms our conviction that American football is not a niche product, but has arrived in the middle of sports-loving society. The result is of course related on the one hand to the ever-growing popularity of the NFL, but also to the birth of our baby, the European League of Football. This makes us proud and is a great incentive to continue improving our product,”

Commissioner of the European League of Football, Patrick Esume, also commented on the survey’s findings, stating,

“American football is the hottest sport in the world because it is simply open to everyone. Whether short or tall, thin or thick, there is a position for everyone on the team – and so every viewer can identify with the guys on the field. The hype is getting bigger and bigger, I’m firmly convinced of that.”

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