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Galaxy Wins the First-Ever European League of Football Final, 26-24

It’s all come down to this. The 1st final for the European League of Football, between the Frankfurt Galaxy and the Hamburg Sea Devils. Coincidentally, the best 2 teams in the league by records. Each team had to go through 2 great teams to get there, the Galaxy had to play Cologne, and Hamburg had to beat the Panthers.

1st Half

The 1st quarter belonged to Hamburg. After forcing Frankfurt into a 3-and-out, the Sea Devils dove right down the field and got the score on a QB Jadian Clark sneak. Big plays byRB Xavier Johnson, TE Adria Botella Moreno, and WR Tobias Nill to keep the drive alive. We also saw our 1st replay in the league on what could have been a fumble by Johnson, but his knee was down first, so, the Sea Devils were able to hold on to the ball.

Once again the Galaxy were forced to punt, but this time, the Sea Devils were held to a field goal by Philip Andersen, taking the lead 10-0.

The 2nd quarter was more even, although Frankfurt had a bit of an advantage, making up the 10 point lead. The first punt by Hamburg in the 2nd quarter and the 1st big play for Frankfurt was by Nuco Strahmann, setting up a 30+ yard TD pass from QB Jakeb Sullivan to Gennadiy Adams, put the Galaxy on the board. PAT was no good, so the Sea Devils held onto the league 10-6.

Jhonattan Silva Gomez intercepted a Clark pass, to get the Galaxy in position to score and take the lead. Strahmann was on the other end of the Sullivan TD pass. The conversion was not successful, so the Galaxy lead was 12-10.

But the next play, Jean-Claude Madin made 2 big catches including a 36-yard TD pass to give the Sea Devils back the lead, PAT was good, 17-12.

Just like Cerezo, Galaxy’s Anthony Mahoungou made 2 big plays that ended in an 11-yard TD pass, with Adams converting the 2-pointer, taking the lead to 20-17. That is how the 1st half ended.

2nd Half

The Sea Devils took the opening possession in the 3rd quarter, snd went 72 yards to get into the endzone on Clark’s 1-yard sneak. Regaining the lead 24-20.

The Galaxy had to punt again, which could be the story of the game. Close score, but without the punts, Frankfurt could have a big lead. Once again, Hamburg showing their defensive prowess.

As far as I’m concerned, TE Adria Botella Moreano has to be 2nd on the list of the MVP race behind Madre London. He made a 46-yard catch between 2 defenders and has been Clark’s favorite target. FB John Levi Kruse almost made it into the endzone, but because of replay today, they spotted it at the 1, where Clark got his 2nd rushing TD. PAT was good, which gave Hamburg the lead again 24-20.

Another failed possession, allowed the Sea Devils to extend their lead on an Andersen field goal 27-20.

Under 4:00 to go, this could be the last chance for Frankfurt to tie the game. On a 3rd and 2 play, Sullivan ran a naked bootleg but missed on the throw. They decided to punt since it was still the 3rd quarter.

At the beginning of the 4th quarter, Hamburg had a good drive going, Johnson broke a 27-yard run to get them into scoring range, but ended up with another Andersen field goal, giving the Sea Devils a 10-point lead.

But that wasn’t the end of the game. Frankfurt drove don the field, Sullivan hit Hendrik Schwarz and he took it to the 1, where the Galaxy lead on a Sullivan sneak. The conversion was no good. Leaving it as a 26-24 lead for Frankfurt.

The Sea Devils drove down the field but didn’t get close enough for Andersen to hit the game-winner from 62 yards.

Your very 1st European League of Football Champion is the Frankfurt Galaxy, who won it by 2, 26-24.

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