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PR: Digital Collecting Fever: European League of Football Launches NFT Platform – Fans Can Own and Trade Their Favorite Scenes


The inaugural season of the European League of Football has produced new heroes. Players
who have provided highlights and inspired fans with their quality, passion or willpower. The
greatest moments are certainly remembered by fans, but now there’s even more: because
supporters can purchase, collect or trade their team, favorite player or favorite move.

Following in the footsteps of the North American professional basketball league NBA, the European League of Football is now the second league in the world to offer images, 3D animations and video clips for sale in limited editions on its own NFT platform.

The principle is comparable to sticky pictures, which many sports enthusiasts have known since childhood.

With one crucial difference: the collectibles are digital.

Each moment is a Non-Fungible Token, or NFT for short, i.e. a file that is unique, forgery-proof
and tradable via the blockchain. Unlike the old familiar stickers, these are not exclusively
photos, but also highlights in the moving image. From the quarterback’s brilliant pass to the
wide receiver’s outstanding catch to the breathtaking field goal. Every fan gets the chance to secure “his” moment.

“With the NFT platform, we are consistently continuing on our path: the European League of Football is young, modern and digital. It is very important to us to actively involve football supporters, to offer them new opportunities to emotionally charge their attachment to their team and their players,”

Zeljko Karajica, CEO

Already in the run-up to Sunday’s Championship Game between the Hamburg Sea Devils and
Frankfurt Galaxy in Düsseldorf’s Merkur Spiel-Arena, the first digital images will be available
in the store on the homepage of the European League of Football. The buyer will directly
receive a link with the respective NFT, from that moment on he owns the image, 3D animation
or video clip.

“This innovative and digital product fits perfectly with the direction of our brand and targetbgroup. We are convinced that this attractive offer will help to further strengthen the bond between the teams and their fans.”

Zeljko Karajica

In the coming weeks, the European
League of Football will introduce further collections with different motifs and the NFT Club retail platform.

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