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PR: Travel Information For the European League Of Championship Game

The European League of Football Championship Game will attract thousands of people from all over Europe! We have summarized the most important informatiom.

!September 15, 2021

Author: European League of Football

On September 26th 2021, the final match of the first European League of Football season will take place. In order to make the journey and stay as pleasant and safe as possible for all visitors, this newsletter provides an overview of all travel and arrival options as well as all COVID-19 protection measures that currently specified by the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia.


We are required to wear a medical mask at our events. According to the regulation of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, this requirement also applies to outdoor events with more than 2500 visitors. In addition, the 3G-rule applies to sporting events as well.

Visitors must therefore show proof of complete vaccination, proven recovery or a valid test result. You must also bring a valid identification document (ID card or passport) to the event. All valid rules and requirements can also be found in the Infection Protection Ordinance of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia


Kick-off for the match will be at 2:45pm. Admission to the stadium will begin at 1pm. An official European League of Football Fan-Huddle will begin around the stadium at 11am! At the admission to the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA, the 3G-rule will be controlled, so we ask you to arrive at the stadium early to ensure the smoothest possible admission. Tickets do not have to be personalized anymore.

Important: 3G means (fully) vaccinated, recovered or tested. Confirmation is urgently required for all three options. Inidivdualals are fully vaccinated when they received all required vaccinations. They have either received a required second vaccination or have been vaccinated with a vaccine that provides full vaccine protection even if vaccinated once. As of the 15th day after the last vaccination, you are considered fully vaccinated.

Status “tested”: PCR tests may be taken no more than 48 hours before entry and PoC rapid tests no more than 48 hours before entry as well. Self-tests must be done under supervision and are only valid for 24 hours.

Both an electronic confirmation (CovPass or Corona-Warn app) and an analog confirmation letter (vaccination certificate, health certificate or certified test certificate) are accepted on site. An identification document (valid ID card or valid passport) is required to confirm proof. Enrollment using the LUCA app or alternative programs is not required.

Masks are mandatory in the queuing areas, indoor promenade and toilets of the event site. All fans will be checked by trained staff at the turnstiles before they are allowed to enter the event and with all necessary hygiene measures.


To give you a good overview on site, there are information spots and help desks at both main entrances to the stadium and at the box office.


‍Direct car access to VIP access is via the P7 parking garage.

VIP access without a car: You can access the VIP check-in via the main entrances (North and South). There you will be guided to your seating area by stadium staff.


If you are arriving by train, the Rheinbahn line U78 offers a direct connection from Düsseldorf main station to the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA. The travel time from the main station to the stop “MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA/Messe-Nord” is about 15 minutes. Information about the exact train connection and a price information can be found on the websites of Rheinbahn and VRR. You can also obtain information and valid tickets via the DB Navigator app (download from Google Play) or the VRR app (download from Google Play).


If you are travelling from the airport, we recommend taking a cab to the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA. The journey time is approx. 15-20 minutes. If you need an exact price information, we recommend the cab calculator.


For all visitors arriving by car, we recommend the freeway exit AS29 “Düsseldorf-Messe/ Arena” on the A44 freeway. From there you can get directly to the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA. It is also possible to travel via federal roads and other freeways. You can find an overview of the freeway connections here.


If you plan to the Location by bike or motorcycle, please use the bicycle stands and motorcycle parking next to the roundabout near the banks of the Rhine. 


Entry from the Netherlands

Should you enter from the Netherlands please note the registration requirement. For the form, please click here. Furthermore, you must carry proof of complete vaccination, recovery or a current negative test result. PCR tests may be performed a maximum of 72 hours before entry and PoC rapid tests a maximum of 48 hours before entry. Self-tests must be performed under supervision and are also only valid for 48 hours.


Should you enter from a high incidence area, a general quarantine obligation applies, which can be terminated at the earliest after five days by a negative test result. Exceptions to this are:

·       Fully vaccinated persons

·       Persons who have been proven to have recovered

·       Persons staying in Germany for a maximum of 24 hours 

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