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Sea Devils Outlast Panthers, 30-27, to Face the Galaxy in 1st Ever ELF Championship Game

The 7-3 Sea Devils entered the match favored against the visiting 6-4 Panthers, but none of that mattered once they hit the field.

1st Half

Hamburg took the opening kick, and quickly drove down the field to take an early lead. TE Adria Botella Moreno continued to be QB Jadrian Clark’s favorite target, as he made a big play to get the Sea Devis in scoring range. The opening TD from Clark went to WR Kwame Ofori. PAT was good, and Hamburg took the lead 7-0.

Not to be outdone, The Panthers drove down the field and knotted it up on a big 50 yard TD pass from QB Lukas O’Connor to WR Przemyslaw Banat.

The Sea Devils took it right back down the field. And just as we thought, this was shaping up to be a shootout. Botella Moreno made a big catch to put Hamburg inside the 5, before RB Xavier Johnson punched it in.

There was almost disaster for both teams. Wroclaw had to punt for the 1st time, and on the the next possession for Hamburg, a flea-flicker almost resulted in at least a big loss. But the poised Jadrian Clark gathered the ball, and hit his TE Botella Moreno for positive yardage. But they ended up having to punt as well.

Wroclaw started on their own 21, despite the adversity they were able to make a big drive that ended with a TD catch for Kavontae Turpin, tying the game at 14 apiece.

The Sea Devils have some of the best receivers in the leagie, but a drop by Botella Moreno brought up 4th down, and they had to punt.

Not all was lost, as Hamburg DB Jeffrey Juurlink intercepted an O’Connor pass, which began a drive that set up the Sea Devils inside the 10.

But, Wroclaw DB William Lloyd returned the favor, and picked off an O’Connor pass, giving the ball back to Hamburg.

Turpin ended up with 2 more catches on that drive, but the half ended on a missed 62 yard field goal attemp by Tadhg Leader.

2nd Half

Hamburg received the 3rd quarter kick, and after a few big plays in the ground and through the air by Johnson, Philip Andersen was able to regain the lead for Hamburg, 17-13.

Another punt by the Panthers led to a drive by the Sea Devils highlighted by a big run that turned into a fumble, but was scooped up by Jean-Claude Madin Cerezo and taken to the 2. Johnson punched in his 2nd TD. PAT was no good, and the lead was 23-14.

Banat from O’Connor was the next score by Wroclaw, but they missed the PAT, making the score 23-20.

But the Panthers weren’t finished. On their next possession, O’Connor hit Kavontae Turpin for a big TD, and the gave Wroclaw the lead.

Late in the 4th quarter, with enough time for Hamburg to mount a comeback drive. That ended withbXavier Johnson getting his 3rd TD of the game, giving the Sea Devils the 3 point lead, that despite enough time for Wroclaw, they were unable to overcome.

The Hamburg Sea Sevils will go on to Face the Frankfut Galaxy in the first ever finals of the European League of Football, while the Wroclaw Panthers end at 6-5.

It’s been an amazing season thus far, and we still have 2 games left. The Championahip on September 26th, and the All-Star game vs Team USA on October 3rd.

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