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Inaugural 2021 European League of Football All-Star Team Announced

The ELF All-Star team that will face the US National Team on October 3rd in Fredrick Ludwig Jahn Sportspark in Berlin, Germany has been announced. Fans and coaches were able to vote for the players from each of the 8 teams they deemed worthy of representing the league.

The game will be the final match of the 2021 season, happening one week after the September 26th league finals, and will feature many names that fans will recognize, as well as some that may not be household names just yet.

Those who are wanting to attend the game can find tickets on Ticketmaster by following this link.

The players listed below were have been chosen to play in the inaugural All-Star game have been taken directly from the ELF website’s press release.

American players are denoted by asterisks:


The offense features players out of both conferences and several different franchises.  


Jakeb Sullivan* (FGY), Jan Weinreich (CCE), Salieu Ceesay (HSD)

Wide Receivers:

Anthony Mahoungou (FGY), Timothy Knuettel (LKG), Remi Bertellin (BDR), Przemyslaw Banat (WPA), Jakub Mazan (WPA)

Running Backs:

Madre London* (CCE), Philéas Pasqualini (WPA), Gerald Ameln (FGY)

Tight Ends: 

Adria Botella Moreno (HSD), Nicolai Schumann (BTH)

Full Back:

Patrick Poetsch (CCE)


Robin Fensch (HSD), Joachim Christensen (FGY)


Timo Winter (HSD), Nick Wiens (CCE), Murilo Silva (WPA)


Fabian Kratz (CCE), Yannic Kiehl (FGY), Keanu Ebanks (HSD)


The defensive side of the ball includes playmakers from both conferences and several different teams as well.  


Wael Nasri (BTH), Sebastian Gauthier (FGY), Miguel Boock (HSD), Daniel Laporte (HSD), Sebastian Silva-Gomez (FGY), Hubert Ogrodowczyk (WPA)

Defensive Ends:

Berend Grube (HSD), Vincent Buffet (LKG), Kyle Kitchens* (LKG)

Defensive Tackles:

Marc-Anthony Hor (FGY), Adedayo Odeleye (BTH), Evans Yeboah (HSD), Lance Leota (LKG)


Justin Rogers* (HSD), Marcel Dabo (SRG), Andy Vera (BDR), Louis Müller (HSD), Roedion Henrique (LKG)


Joshua Poznanski (FGY), Niko Lester (BDR), Goran Zec (WPA), Nick Wenzelburger (SRG)



Jacob Templar (LKG)


Phillip Friis Andersen (HSD)

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