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What You Should Know About The European League of Football (ELF) In 2022

The European League of Football is a professional American football league that was officially founded in November 2020, and just kicked off its second season on Saturday, June 4th. The league consists of 12 teams from 5 different European countries, with a primary goal of developing homegrown European players into NFL Prospects.

Another goal of the league is to bring back the excitement around American football in Europe that existed in the NFL Europe era. However, unlike NFL Europe, whose teams consisted of mainly American players, there are restrictions limiting the number of players on a roster from outside a franchise’s home country.

The reasoning for this is to have a more significant focus on developing European Talent, with league CEO Zeljko Karajica also convinced fans have a different connection to a franchise when local heroes are on the roster.

League Official Site/Social Accounts:


The European League of Football uses the NFL’s rules for everything besides kickoffs and overtime. Instead of the NFL’s standard kickoff, the ELF has adopted the kickoff rules used in the XFL in 2020, developed by Sam Schwartzstein. The league uses college football’s rules in regards to overtime.


The ELF operated with 8 teams in 2021 but has expanded to 12 teams for 2022.

Northern Conference

  • Berlin Thunder
    • Head Coach: Johnny Schmuck
    • Stadium: Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark
  • Hamburg Sea Devils
    • Head Coach: Charles Jones
    • Stadium: Stadion Hoheluft
  • Leipzig Kings
    • Head Coach: Fred Armstrong
    • Stadium: Paul-Greifzu-Stadion, Dessau-Roßlau / LEUNA Chemie Stadion, Halle (Saale)
  • Wroclaw Panthers
    • Head Coach: Jakub Samel
    • Stadium: Olympic Stadium Wroclaw

Central Conference

Southern Conference

The league plans to add teams every year until they have at least 24 franchises from more than 10 European countries, attempting to add 4 each season. Three of the teams planned to join for the 2023 season have already been announced in Zurich, Switzerland (Helvetic Guards), Budapest, Hungary (Fehérvár Enthroners), and Milan, Italy (Milano Seamen).


European League of Football rosters consist of 50 players, with another 10 on the practice squad. There are roster restrictions for international players, with each team being allowed only 4 US, Canadian, Mexican or Japanese players (A-players), with a maximum of 8 other players from outside of the franchise’s home country. All other roster spots are reserved for homegrown players.

Salary Cap

The league’s salary cap is divided into 3 salary groups. The first is for a team’s main import players, who are paid a full-time salary ranging anywhere from 600 euros ($700) to 3000 euros ($3,500) per month. The second is for 4 transitional players (international or homegrown) with a part-time salary that varies from player to player. The last is the homegrown salary group with marginal employment, making a monthly income ranging from 100 to 450 euros.

Every player under contract with the European League of Football gets health insurance and participates in state pension insurance. Further benefits such as housing, meals, and other memberships during the season have to be negotiated individually.


The European League of Football’s 2022 regular season kicks off on Saturday, June 4th, and lasts 14 weeks, with the Championship Game taking place on Sunday, September 25th, at Wörthersee Stadium in Klagenfurt, Austria. Additionally, The league plans to host another All-Star game, but the date is still TBD.

View the league’s full schedule here.

How To Watch

For those trying to watch the European League of Football in America, the league offers a variety of GamePass options which allow you to stream games directly on the league’s website. It should be noted the league does include English-speaking broadcasts in all of the available packages.

Season Pass – 99.99 Euro ($107.18)

  • Games and Content can be viewed on up to two devices parallel
  • Unlock All Content
  • Every On-Demand Game
  • Team-specific On-Demand Content
  • Live Games in HD
  • Choose Language Feeds (if available)
  • Highlights – Full Length
  • Highlights – Short Versions
  • Team Only Highlights

Team Pass – 49.99 Euro ($53.58)

  • Team-specific On-Demand Content
  • Live Games in HD
  • Choose Language Feeds (if available)
  • Highlights – Short Versions
  • Team Only Highlights

Game Day Pass – 9.99 Euro ($10.71)

  • Live Games in HD
  • Choose Language Feeds (if available)
  • Highlights – Full Length
  • Highlights – Short Versions
  • Team Only Highlights

Game Pass – 4.99 Euro ($5.35)

  • Live Games in HD
  • Choose Language Feeds (if available)

Tickets, Travel Packages, & Merch

The European League of Football’s official Shop can be found at, with everything available from game day jerseys and other apparel, travel packages, game tickets, and even NFTs.

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