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Ed Sheeran’s CFL Love, Power Rankings Shakeup & Key Signings: CFL Week 14 Preview!

Unraveling week 14 of the CFL: from surprising power rankings to Ed Sheeran’s unexpected CFL love. Discover player shifts, signings, and all your essential game picks. Plus, stay updated with our quick hits segment for the latest controversies and showdowns. Dive into this week’s CFL landscape with us on ‘CFL Week In Review’. Don’t forget to check out our show notes and subscribe for weekly updates!

@cflnewshub Ed Sheeran Shatters B.C. Place Record and Honors B.C. Lions! #CFL #EdSheeranBreaksRecord #EdSheeran #edsheeranlive #edsheerantour #edsheeranfan #bclions #bcplace ♬ original sound – CFL News Hub

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Mark Perry is the founder and editor of CFL News Hub. A dedicated and experienced football analyst, he has been providing comprehensive coverage of the sport since 2018.
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