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CFL Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings: Draft Kings Costs, CFL Game Zone, 110 Yards Waiver Wire Availability

Updated fantasy football positional rankings heading into week 2 of the CFL season. Note these rankings are made primarily for the purpose of supporting managers in year-long fantasy football in draft-style leagues although it can help to gain some insight as some good deals are available in daily fantasy sites at Draft Kings or

Places to Play:

110 Yards: is your traditional fantasy football website where you play in a season-long league with your friends and players are drafted onto teams prior to the start of the season. They do support creating a league midway through the CFL season.

News Hub Fantasy: We also have a website supporting traditional fantasy football-style play for leagues with drafts. Our site is in beta and is actively being improved.

CFL Game Zone: is the CFL’s site which includes weekly fantasy.

Draft Kings: Weekly and Daily fantasy games typically involving real money. Please be very responsible if you play here. I am in no way encouraging gambling. If you feel you may have a gambling problem I encourage you to seek help.

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Deals of the Week

QB Bo Levi Mitchell

Bo Levi Mitchell is one of the lower-priced quarterbacks on Draft Kings and fantasy. He is also available in over half of all leagues at 110 Yards. Last week he completed 27 of his 38 passes for 300 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception. It could have been a lot more if not for a couple of uncharacteristic drops on 2 deep throws.

RB Johnny Augustine

Augustine will be the week 2 starting running back for Winnipeg with Brady Oliveira out. No team ran the ball more than Winnipeg last year so it could be an opportunity for him to get a lot of touches. He is very low priced at Draft Kings at $4.3K and $2.9K at fantasy. He is only taken in 18% of 110 Yards leagues.

WR Jerreth Sterns

Sterns was a top target in week 1 as Trevor Harris targeted him 10 times. He caught 7 passes for 81 yards in week 1. Sterns is available in 29% of leagues at 110 Yards and is priced at $3.6K on Draft Kings.


PTS/G110 Yards
Ownership %
Draft Kings
Proj. Points
11Vernon Adams Jr.BCCGY123.0223.0298%$10,70019.4$14.0K
22Zach CollarosWPGOTT16.866.8698%$10,20015.6$12.9K
33McLeod Bethel-ThompsonEDMMTL120.0420.0480%$9,9003.1$10K
44Cody FajardoMTLEDM118.4618.4691%$8,40014.5$13.5K
59ByeCameron DukesTORBye131.8631.8618%12$10K
65Dru BrownOTTWPG00027%$9,100$9K
77Trevor HarrisSSKHAM121.221.269%$7,80016.1$12K
88Jake MaierCGYBC118.0818.0869%$9,00013.1$11.8K
98Bo Levi MitchellHAMSSK117.617.638%$9,6009.5$9.4K

Running Backs

PTS/G110 Yards
Ownership %
Draft Kings
12James ButlerHAMSSK114.114.196%$9,100$13.3K
21OutBrady OliveiraWPGOTT18.58.598%$10,400$12.9K
33Dedrick MillsCGYBC112.612.656%$7,100$10.8K
45BYEKa’Deem CareyTORBYE120.520.576%$10.4K
5W2 StarterJohnny AugustineWPG-2OTT19.79.718%$4,300$2.9K
68Kevin BrownEDMMTL19.99.982%$6,900$11.1K
74A.J. OuelletteSSKHAM112.912.998%$8,800$12.4K
87William StanbackBCCGY113.513.573%$7,000$11.2K
98Walter FletcherMTLEDM17.17.129%$4,800$6.9K
109QRyquell ArmsteadOTTWPG00013%$6,600$2.5K
11Devonte DedomOTT-2WPG1002%$2,500NA
1210Jeshrun AntwiMTL-2EDM1007%$3,600$3.1K


StatusPlayerTeamOPPGamesTargetsRecYDSTDPTS/G110 Yards
Ownership %
Draft Kings
11Tim WhiteHAMSSK111655011.598%$9,600
22Reggie BegeltonCGYBC1544508.598%$9,200
33Dalton SchoenWPGOTT19562011.293%$10,100
47Shawn Bane Jr.SSKHAM185125335.593%$7,600
54Eugene LewisEDMMTL16485012.591%$5,600
617Tyson PhilpotMTLEDM11110141236.182%$4,400
76Alexander HollinsBCCGY11389001798%$8,900
822BYERasheed BaileyTORBYE1755011653%$4,300
99Samuel EmilusSSKHAM1542706.787%$7,700
1010Justin HardyOTTWPG0071%$8,800
1130Justin McInnisBCCGY1107103123.373%$4,700
1216Kurleigh Gittens Jr.EDMMTL112962015.271%$4,200
1311Nic DemskiWPGOTT1732705.998%$9,000
14Hergy MayalaEDMMTL1654022136%$3,300
1512Steven Dunbar Jr.HAMSSK1554809.853%$5,100
1638Clark BarnesCGYBC18661118.189%$3,700
17Jerreth SternsSSKHAM110781015.129%$3,600
1835Shemar BridgesHAMSSK111785015.529%$2,500
1936BYEDejon BrissettTORBYE14352114.236%$3,000
205Out(IR6)Kenny LawlerWPGOTT1532605.689%$12,900
2113Out(IR6)Keon HatcherBCCGY0087%$10,000
2237Dillon MitchellEDMMTL17793016.393%$5,700
2315Marken MichelCGYBC1324706.764%$3,900
2418Kaion Julien-GrantMTLEDM132300569%$7,400
258BYEDaVaris DanielsTORBYE1322704.796%$10,600
26Cam EcholsCGYBC143401130%$3,500
2727Kian Schaffer-BakerSSKHAM1545209.269%$4,600
2814OUTTyler SneadMTLEDM1426208.789%$5,900
2919Dominique RhymesOTTWPG0078%$8,400
3034Travis FulghamBCCGY12254113.429%$3,800
3120Jevon CottoyBCCGY1223905.973%$4,600
3221BYEDamonte CoxieTORBYE110.962%$5,400
33Brendan O’Leary-OrangeHAMSSK14462010.233%$3,400
3424Kiondre SmithHAMSSK15337112.733%$4,000
3526Nick MardnerOTTWPG0011%$4,300
3623Out(IR6)Kyran MooreEDMMTL1051%$4,400
3728Cole SpiekerMTLEDM11000016%$2,500
3829Jaelon AcklinOTTWPG0049%$7,200
3931LimitedJalen PhilpotCGYBC1222304.722%$2,900
4032Ajou AjouSSKHAM100%$4,000
4133Drew WolitarskyWPGOTT1223305.353%$3,700
42Charleston RamboMTLEDM13210030%$3,500


PTS/G110 Yards
Ownership %
Draft Kings
14Rene ParedesCGYBC1202087%$4,200
22Sean WhyteBCCGY18893%$4,800
33Sergio CastilloWPGOTT13389%$4,000
46BYELirim HajrullahuTORBYE1111124%$3,900
55David CoteMTLEDM18867%$4,400
67Boris BedeEDMMTL18864%$4,300
78Marc LiegghioHAMSSK1111153%$4,200
89Brett LautherSSKHAM14442%$4,100
910Lewis WardOTTWPG00033%$4,000

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