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CFL Fantasy Football Rankings 2024: Top 70 PPR – Cheatsheet

Final rankings for CFL Fantasy Football ahead of the regular season. These rankings are to help give you an edge in drafts for head-to-head fantasy football leagues.

Where to Play

Most CFL fans are not aware that CFL fantasy football actually exists in the head-to-head league format that has become so popular among NFL fans. does offer a ‘fantasy football’ game but it is not in a head-to-head league format with a draft but rather in the format that you would see in Draft Kings daily fantasy where you choose any players you want and have to stay within a certain salary cap.

You can play with your friends in a CFL fantasy football head-to-league with a draft, schedule, and playoffs at our website as a beta tester.

Our partners at also offer a great place for you and your friends to play in what is currently a more polished user experience than our website currently with some customization options not available in our current beta state.

Roster Difference Compared to NFL Formats

There is a key difference in the format of our recommended and’s recommended settings for CFL fantasy football to what you might be accustomed to in NFL formats. Due to the size of the CFL being only 9 teams and our recommended league size being 6, there are not enough of certain position groups to have backups of certain positions on your bench. In fact you will only be able to have wide receivers on your bench. Quarterbacks, running backs, and kickers can only be in your starting lineup, injured reserve, or “bye week” roster designation. This ensures that there are starting players available on the waiver wire when teams have a need to find a replacement.

Draft Strategy Note

Since teams are only able to have 1 player on their active roster for positions at quarterback, running back, and kicker, you will know that once a team has drafted a quarterback they will not draft a quarterback later in the draft. So if you’re in a draft for your league and 4 teams draft a quarterback in the first round then you can probably wait until very late in the draft to take a quarterback as there is only one other team who will be taking a QB off the board for the rest of the draft. If you are the last team to draft a quarterback then you can wait until the last round to make your selection at quarterback as no one is going to take the player you may be targeting before that point.

A Note on the Running Back/Receiver Rankings

These are rankings for looking for fantasy football. It is not an attempted ranking of who the best receivers in the CFL system are but of trying to anticipate fantasy football point production. This takes into account things such as the player’s team and surrounding players that will contribute to the overall passing production. The goal in fantasy football is to get receivers with good abilities who will get a lot of targets.


The following will be considered as the standard for league scoring and roster formatting moving forward concerning my rankings. The scoring for the rankings assumes that you are playing in a league following standard PPR fantasy football scoring which if you’re unfamiliar looks like this:

Passing: 25 yards = 1 point, Touchdowns = 4 points, Interceptions = -2 points

Rushing: 10 yards = 1 point, Touchdowns = 6 Points, Fumbles = -2 Points

Receiving: Receptions = 1 Point, 10 yards = 1 point, Touchdowns = 6 Points

Roster Format

1 Quarterback, 1 Runningback, 3 Receivers, 1 Kicker. I also recommend playing with 2 Bench slots in your league, 2 Bye slots (to protect a player on a bye), and 1 Injured Reserve slot (to protect an injured player). Of course, your league can choose to change a variable but for the sake of the rankings, this is considered the standard. A league with 2 runningbacks per team would be fun but could prove to be challenging for casual players, especially with the frequency at which CFL teams have bye weeks.

At for fantasy football leagues their commissioners also have the option to add defensive linemen, linebackers, and defensive backs as part of the fantasy football roster format. At this time I am doing offense-only rankings.

A major difference compared to playing NFL fantasy football is that teams are not allowed to put quarterbacks, running backs, or kickers on the bench in our standard CFL fantasy to ensure there is no positional scarcity.

Our recommended league size for CFL Fantasy Football is 6 teams.

Previous Positional Rankings With Explanations:

CFL Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings (May 26)

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CFL Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings (May 31)=


QB1BCVernon Adams Jr.18374.620.8
QB2WPGZach Collaros18305.917.0
QB3EDMMcLeod Bethel-Thompson0NANA
QB4MTLCody Fajardo19269.514.2
QB5OTTDru Brown1090.39.0
QB6CGYJake Maier19261.7213.8
QB7SSKTrevor Harris577.3615.5
QB8HAMBo Levi Mitchell745.386.5
QB9TORCameron Dukes14100.27.2


RB1WPGBrady Oliveira20362.718.1
RB2HAMJames Butler18289.416.1
RB3CGYDedrick Mills14138.59.9
RB4SSKA.J. Ouellette1621413.4
RB5TORKa’Deem Carey1097.89.8
RB6EDMKevin Brown18198.311.0
RB7BCWilliam Stanback17186.311.0
RB8MTLWalter Fletcher768.29.7
RB9OTTRyquell Armstead0NANA
RB10MTL-2Jeshrun Antwi2026.31.3
RB11OTT-2Kylin Hill0NANA


WR1HAM-WR1Tim White17249.914.7
WR2CGY-WR1Reggie Begelton15227.915.2
WR3WPG-WR1Dalton Schoen16253.215.8
WR4EDM-WR1Eugene Lewis12150.412.5
WR5WPG-WR2Kenny Lawler12176.114.7
WR6BC-WR2Alexander Hollins18249.313.9
WR7SSK-WR1Shawn Bane Jr.18227.412.6
WR8TOR-WR1DaVaris Daniels17200.911.8
WR9SSK-WR2Samuel Emilus18215.712.0
WR10OTT-WR1Justin Hardy18203.911.3
WR11WPG-WR3Nic Demski16203.612.7
WR12HAM-WR2Steven Dunbar Jr.13124.612.7
WR13BC-WR1Keon Hatcher16236.614.8
WR14MTL-WR3Tyler Snead15164.811.0
WR15CGY-WR2Marken Michel15137.09.1
WR16EDM-WR2Kurleigh Gittens Jr.1082.68.3
WR17MTL-WR1Tyson Philpot13130.210.0
WR18MTL-WR2Kaion Julien-Grant985.59.5
WR19OTT-WR2Dominique Rhymes10124.512.5
WR20BC-WR3Jevon Cottoy18161.79.0
WR21TOR-WR2Damonte Coxie15147.79.8
WR22TOR-WR3Rasheed Bailey18132.87.4
WR23EDM-WR3Kyran Moore18167.39.3
WR24HAM-WR3Kiondre Smith18126.17.0
WR25CGY-WR4Tre Odoms-Dukes14140.610.0
WR26OTT-WR3Nick Mardner0NANA
WR27SSK-WR3Kian Schaffer-Baker999.011.0
WR28MTL-WR4Cole Spieker1277.96.5
WR29OTT-WR4Jaelon Acklin18162.29.0
WR30BC-WR4Justin McInnis18145.08.1
WR31CGY-WR3Jalen Philpot0NANA
WR33WPG-4Drew Wolitarsky
WR34BC-5Travis Fulgham0NANA
WR35HAM-4Shemar Bridges0NANA
WR36TOR-4Dejon Brissett18135.87.5
WR37EDM-4Dillon Mitchell17118.27.0
WR38CGY-5Clark Barnes954.46.0
WR39TOR-5Kevin Mital0NANA
WR40OTT-5Bralon Addison862.57.8
WR40OTT-5David Ungerer III1862.53.5


K1BCSean Whyte20212.010.6
K2WPGSergio Castillo2021210.6
K3CGYRene Paredes1920110.6
K4MTLDavid Cote191719.0
K5TORLirim Hajrullahu0NANA
K6EDMBoris Bede181699.4
K7HAMMarc Liegghio18162.09.0
K8SSKBrett Lauther17135.07.9
K9OTTLewis Ward13123.09.5

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