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CFL Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings, Where to Play, Draft Strategy for Actual CFL Fantasy Football Leagues

Wide receiver rankings for CFL Fantasy Football. This is for actual fantasy football for play in head-to-head leagues that have a draft at the start of the season to prove who is the greatest football watcher in your friend group. As it stands right now this is not offered at the CFL’s website where you can only play in a Draft Kings’ style daily fantasy game.

I highly recommend CFL fans form a head-to-head fantasy football league with their friend group at The CFL head-to-head fantasy football experience has a lot of differences from that which people may be accustomed to in NFL formats but brings the CFL fan expereince to the next level as it has done for NFL fans.

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Where to Play

Most CFL fans are not aware that CFL fantasy football actually exists in the head-to-head league format that has become so popular among NFL fans. does offer a ‘fantasy football’ game but it is not in a head-to-head league format with a draft but rather in the format that you would see in Draft Kings daily fantasy where you choose any players you want and have to stay within a certain salary cap.

You can play with your friends in a CFL fantasy football head-to-league with a draft, schedule, and playoffs at our website as a beta tester.

Our partners at also offer a great place for you and your friends to play in what is currently a more polished user experience than our website currently with some customization options not available in our current beta state.

Roster Difference Compared to NFL Formats

There is a key difference in the format of our recommended and’s recommended settings for CFL fantasy football to what you might be accustomed to in NFL formats. Due to the size of the CFL being only 9 teams and our recommended league size being 6, there are not enough of certain position groups to have backups of certain positions on your bench. In fact you will only be able to have wide receivers on your bench. Quarterbacks, running backs, and kickers can only be in your starting lineup, injured reserve, or “bye week” roster designation. This ensures that there are starting players available on the waiver wire when teams have a need to find a replacement.

Draft Strategy Note

Since teams are only able to have 1 player on their active roster for positions at quarterback, running back, and kicker, you will know that once a team has drafted a quarterback they will not draft a quarterback later in the draft. So if you’re in a draft for your league and 4 teams draft a quarterback in the first round then you can probably wait until very late in the draft to take a quarterback as there is only one other team who will be taking a QB off the board for the rest of the draft. If you are the last team to draft a quarterback then you can wait until the last round to make your selection at quarterback as no one is going to take the player you may be targeting before that point.

A Note on the Receiver Rankings

These are rankings for looking for fantasy football. It is not an attempted ranking of who the best receivers in the CFL system are but of trying to anticipate fantasy football point production. This takes into account things such as the player’s team and surrounding players that will contribute to the overall passing production. The goal in fantasy football is to get receivers with good abilities who will get a lot of targets.

Wide Receiver Rankings

1. Tim White – Hamilton

2023 Stats: 75 receptions for 1,269 yards and 8 touchdowns over 17 games. 249.9 PPR fantasy points, 14.7 points per game.

White has over 1,250 yards receiving in each of the last 2 seasons, making him a consistent top performer. If Bo Levi Mitchell can get back to his quality play that we used to see from him in Calgary then we will be treated to quite a few explosive plays from Tim White this season.

2. Reggie Begelton – Calgary

2023 Stats: 86 receptions for 1,119 yards and 5 touchdowns over 15 games. 227.9 PPR fantasy points, 15.2 points per game.

With the recent season-ending injury to Malik Henry, expect Reggie Begelton to be heavily leaned upon by Calgary again this season. Begelton was incredibly reliable at catching passes in traffic last season securing receptions through hits.

3. Dalton Schoen – Winnipeg

2023 Stats: 71 receptions for 1,222 yards and 10 touchdowns over 16 games. 253.2 PPR fantasy points, 15.8 points per game.

Schoen has 2,663 yards and 26 touchdowns over his 2 CFL seasons so far. Last year saw Winnipeg play without Kenny Lawler over the first 6 games. Schoen might have a slight reduction in overall target share with Lawler available in week 1, but we’ve seen Winnipeg have enough passing offense to keep Schoen, Lawler, and Nic Demski productive.

4. Eugene Lewis – Edmonton

2023 Stats: 48 receptions for 844 yards and 3 touchdowns over 12 games. 150.4 PPR fantasy points, 12.5 points per game.

Eugene Lewis had 2,267 yards and 19 touchdowns in Montreal over the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Last year he had 844 yards and 3 touchdowns with Edmonton. He will now be playing with McLeod Bethel-Thompson, who led the CFL in passing yards in 2022 and then led the USFL in 2023. I would say he has a very good chance to break a thousand yards this year. He’s a very strong receiver with speed and great hands.

5. Kenny Lawler – Winnipeg

2023 Stats: 50 receptions for 901 yards and 6 touchdowns over 12 games. 176.1 PPR fantasy points, 14.7 points per game.

Lawler missed the first 6 games of the season due to an immigration issue. He was one of the most productive receivers in the league over the 12 regular season games he played. He was one of the top receivers in fantasy points per game. 

6. Alexander Hollins – BC

2023 Stats: 78 receptions for 1,173 yards and 9 touchdowns over 18 games. 249.3 PPR fantasy points, 13.9 points per game.

Hollins was fantastic in his first full season as a starter in the CFL. With Lucky Whitehead and Dominique Rhymes no longer on the team in addition to Keon Hatcher being on the 6-game injured list to open the season, he may see an increase in targets.

7. Shawn Bane Jr. – Saskatchewan

2023 Stats: 93 receptions for 1,104 yards and 4 touchdowns over 18 games. 227.4 PPR fantasy points, 12.6 points per game.

The move to Saskatchewan saw Bane thrive last season as he broke a thousand yards. If Saskatchewan can keep Trevor Harris healthy this season, he could see an uptick in production yet again.

8. DaVaris Daniels – Toronto

2023 Stats: 52 receptions for 1,009 yards and 8 touchdowns over 17 games. 200.9 PPR fantasy points, 11.8 points per game.

With Chad Kelly suspended for at least 9 games, there is some uncertainty about what Toronto’s passing offense will look like. Daniels had 860 yards and 4 touchdowns in 2022 playing with McLeod Bethel-Thompson and saw his production increase to over a thousand yards last year playing with Chad Kelly. Cameron Dukes is the expected starter during Kelly’s suspension.

9. Samuel Emilus – Saskatchewan

2023 Stats: 70 receptions for 1,097 yards and 6 touchdowns over 18 games. 215.7 PPR fantasy points, 12 points per game.

Emilus is another player who had an excellent season in their first full season as a starter. The hope for Saskatchewan is to see Trevor Harris stay healthy and thus an increase in the overall passing production.

10. Justin Hardy – Ottawa

2023 Stats: 85 receptions for 1,009 yards and 3 touchdowns over 18 games. 203.9 PPR fantasy points, 11.3 points per game.

Hardy’s second CFL season was a major success as the ex-Atlanta Falcon broke a thousand yards. With Ottawa bringing in Dominique Rhymes this offseason and drafting Nick Mardner, it’s possible he may see a decrease in targets, but the expectation should still be for him to have another good season.

11. Nic Demski – Winnipeg

2023 Stats: 67 receptions for 1,006 yards and 6 touchdowns over 16 games. 203.6 PPR fantasy points, 12.7 points per game.

Demski’s 5th CFL season was his best so far last year. I would expect another strong season for him in Winnipeg’s passing offense, which has a lot of key pieces returning from last year.

12. Steven Dunbar Jr. – Hamilton

2023 Stats: 39 receptions for 536 yards and 5 touchdowns over 13 games. 122.6 PPR fantasy points, 9.43 points per game.

Dunbar Jr. was a thousand-yard receiver in 2022. Last year he had 536 yards and 5 touchdowns last year with Edmonton. Now he returns to Hamilton, where he played in 2021 and 2022. With Terry Godwin not being in Hamilton the door is open for a new top performer on the team.

13. Keon Hatcher – BC

2023 Stats: 78 receptions for 1,226 yards and 6 touchdowns over 16 games. 236.6 PPR fantasy points, 14.8 points per game.

Hatcher is on the 6-game injured list to begin the season due to an Achilles injury suffered in the West Final last year and won’t be back midseason at the earliest. If he’s able to play at a similar level that he did last year late in the season it will make a fantasy team dangerous come playoff time. Last year Hatcher dominated playing with Vernon Adams Jr. Last year the timing from Vernon Adams Jr. to Keon Hatcher was great on post and corner routes often delivering him the ball just before he reached the sidelines.

14. Marken Michel – Calgary

2023 Stats: 48 receptions for 710 yards and 3 touchdowns over 15 games. 137 PPR fantasy points, 9.1 points per game.

Michel looked good last year, which saw him return to the CFL and start 15 games and rack up 700 yards. He was brought into the team last year the week following Malik Henry’s injury. This season I expect him to have a similar role with the team with Malik Henry unfortunately being recently injured again and being out for the season.

15. Tevin Jones – Montreal

2023 Stats: 65 receptions for 882 yards and 3 touchdowns over 17 games. 171.2 PPR fantasy points, 10.1 points per game.

Jones had a strong season with Saskatchewan, stepping into a bigger role in his second season in the CFL. Jones was in NFL systems from 2016 to 2021 prior to playing for Saskatchewan in 2021. He is an expected starter for Montreal to start the season.

16. Kurleigh Gittens Jr. – Edmonton

2023 Stats: 35 receptions for 416 yards and 1 touchdown over 10 games. 82.6 PPR fantasy points, 8.3 points per game.

Gittens Jr. was acquired by Edmonton through a trade this offseason. He had a year limited by injuries last year. He played with Bethel-Thompson with Toronto in 2022 and had 1,101 yards and 5 touchdowns.

17. Tyson Philpot – Montreal

2023 Stats: 47 receptions for 532 yards and 5 touchdowns over 13 games. 130.2 PPR fantasy points, 10 points per game.

Tyson Philpot developed well over last season and is an expected starter and caught the game-winning touchdown in the Grey Cup. His status as a Canadian makes his starting position more secure in a receiving room with a lot of talented challengers. Canadians Philpot and Kaion Julien-Grant played well for Montreal, but there was only 1 game in which they both played together, so we don’t know exactly what their target share will look like as they are both in the lineup.

18. Kaion Julien-Grant – Montreal

2023 Stats: 36 receptions for 495 yards and 0 touchdowns over 9 games. 85.5 PPR fantasy points, 9.5 points per game.

KJG was fantastic last year until an injury shut his season down early and proved to be a difficult player to tackle due to his strength. For much of last season, we saw Cody Fajardo target 2 receivers for most of his targets. Later in the year, the ball was being spread more evenly, which is ultimately better for the passing offense but makes it trickier to predict who might have those explosive fantasy numbers that KJG or Austin Mack had last year before signing with the Atlanta Falcons.

19. Dominique Rhymes – Ottawa

2023 Stats: 35 receptions for 535 yards and 6 touchdowns over 10 games. 124.5 PPR fantasy points, 12.5 points per game.

Dominique Rhymes joins the RedBlacks after putting up 2,347 yards over the last 3 seasons with BC. Last season saw him miss 8 games due to injury. I don’t see him as productive in Ottawa given the concerns in pass protection last year, but he is still a great receiver to expect good production from. Ottawa is hoping to see an uptick in their passing game with the signing of Dru Brown at quarterback.

20. Jevon Cottoy – BC

2023 Stats: 57 receptions for 807 yards and 4 touchdowns over 18 games. 161.7 PPR fantasy points, 9 points per game.

Last year saw Cottoy take his game to the next level, and he may be relied upon to catch more passes this season with the departure of Rhymes and Whitehead. He was particularly fantastic last season at maximizing short passes by bulldozing over defenders.

21. Damonte Coxie – Toronto

2023 Stats: 39 receptions for 787 yards and 5 touchdowns over 15 games. 147.7 PPR fantasy points, 9.8 points per game.

Last year Coxie had a great season stepping into a bigger role with Toronto. With Chad Kelly suspended for at least 9 games, it’s likely that we might see a dip in the level of play from the passing offense for Toronto.

22. Rasheed Bailey – Toronto

2023 Stats: 46 receptions for 508 yards and 6 touchdowns over 18 games. 132.8 PPR fantasy points, 7.4 points per game.

Rasheed Bailey was a fantastic player for Winnipeg whenever the ball was put in his hands. He often did not receive a lot of targets with Winnipeg in a very crowded receiving room. If he is one of the primary targets for Toronto this season, reaching a thousand yards is definitely a possibility for him.

23. Kyran Moore – Edmonton

2023 Stats: 69 receptions for 743 yards and 4 touchdowns over 18 games. 167.3 PPR fantasy points, 9.3 points per game.

Moore had a great season in what was his first as an Edmonton Elk last year. Now playing with MBT as the quarterback, we may see an increase in his provided he continues to be one of the primary targets this season.

24. Kiondre Smith – Hamilton

2023 Stats: 56 receptions for 701 yards and 0 touchdowns over 18 games. 126.1 PPR fantasy points, 7 points per game.

Smith had a great season last year in his second CFL season, stepping into a bigger role with the Ti-Cats. His status as a Canadian would lead one to expect his starting role to be secure.

25. Tre Odoms-Dukes – Calgary

2023 Stats: 60 receptions for 686 yards and 2 touchdowns over 14 games. 140.6 PPR fantasy points, 10 points per game.

Tre Odoms-Dukes started in every game when healthy last year and finished the season 2nd in receptions and 3rd in yards for Calgary in what was his second CFL season. The South Florida product should have another productive season provided he holds the starting position still in week 1.

26. Nick Mardner – Ottawa

Mardner was the first receiver taken off the board in the CFL Draft with the 7th overall pick by Ottawa. He was not really utilized last year with Auburn, but we got an idea of how good he could be in 2021 when he had 913 yards and 5 touchdowns with Hawaii. Mardner had nearly the fastest 40-yard dash time out of the CFL Draft class and provides a big 6’6″ frame. With Nate Behar no longer being with Ottawa, he is a likely starter for the team. Ottawa had struggles in pass protection last year. Perhaps at times this season, we might see some throws haphazardly lobbed his way when pressured in the hopes that he can use his height advantage in a Calvin Johnson-esque fashion.

27. Kian Schaffer-Baker – Saskatchewan

2023 Stats: 38 receptions for 430 yards and 3 touchdowns over 9 games. 99 PPR fantasy points, 11 points per game.

Schaffer-Baker was limited last year by injuries that saw him miss a sizable portion of the season. The previous year saw him catch 68 passes for 960 yards and 5 touchdowns.

28. Tyler Snead – Montreal

2023 Stats: 56 receptions for 788 yards and 5 touchdowns over 15 games. 164.8 PPR fantasy points, 11 points per game.

Snead played very well in his first season in the CFL. He demonstrated great speed maximizing plays in the open field as he accumulated 376 YAC last season.

29. Jaelon Acklin – Ottawa

2023 Stats: 67 receptions for 892 yards and 1 touchdown over 18 games. 162.2 PPR fantasy points, 9 points per game.

Acklin had a slow start to his season last year but still finished with pretty good numbers. I am looking forward to seeing what his season will look like with the addition of Dru Brown at quarterback.

30. Justin McInnis – BC

2023 Stats: 46 receptions for 690 yards and 5 touchdowns over 18 games. 145 PPR fantasy points, 8 points per game.

The former Saskatchewan 2019 first-round pick had a bit of a slower start to his career but was highly productive last season, which saw him play in all 18 games with 12 starts. This season he is poised to take on a bigger role with the Lions.

31. Jalen Philpot – Calgary

Jalen Philpot missed all of last season due to injury. He was a 5th overall pick in the 2022 CFL Draft. He looked like a player with great potential in his rookie season in 2022, which saw him catch 23 passes for 317 yards and 3 touchdowns and also excelled in the return game.

32. Geronimo Allison – Saskatchewan

The NFL veteran caught 4 passes for 40 yards in last week’s preseason game. His most notable seasons were with the Green Bay Packers from 2016 to 2019, where he caught 89 passes for 1,045 yards and 3 touchdowns.

33. Travis Fulgham – BC

Fulgham had a strong year in 2020 with the Philadelphia Eagles, where he caught 38 passes for 539 yards and 4 touchdowns. He will make his debut as a Lion in their final preseason game as a starter in what is expected to be a lineup similar to what BC will roll with in week 1.

34. Drew Wolitarsky – Winnipeg

2023 Stats: 47 receptions for 668 yards and 6 touchdowns over 18 games. 149.8 PPR fantasy points, 8.3 points per game.

Wolitarsky had a knack for getting open in the end zone last season. I would expect another season this year similar to last year for him.

35. Shemar Bridges – Hamilton

Shemar Bridges was with the Baltimore Ravens practice roster through the 2022 season and was with the Ravens through last year’s training camp. Last week he led Hamilton in receiving in their first preseason game when he caught 4 passes for 60 yards and a touchdown.

36. Cole Spieker – Montreal

2023 Stats: 33 receptions for 389 yards and 1 touchdown over 12 games. 77.9 PPR fantasy points, 6.5 points per game.

Cole Spieker has played exceptionally when given the opportunity, such as in the Grey Cup when he had 62 yards and a touchdown. He spent part of last season on the practice roster, and although he is an expected starter to begin the season, a concern for fantasy owners could be for Montreal to move him to the practice roster if the passing game is off to a slow start, as they did last year after Spieker started in the first 3 games.

37. Dejon Brissett – Toronto

2023 Stats: 38 receptions for 594 yards and 5 touchdowns over 18 games. 127.4 PPR fantasy points, 7.1 points per game.

Brissett had his best season yet last year in what was his third season in the CFL. A couple of factors point to a possible reduction in targets for Brissett this season, including Chad Kelly’s suspension, bringing in Rasheed Bailey to the receiving room, and drafting Kevin Mital in the first round of the CFL Draft.

38 Dillon Mitchell – Edmonton

2023 Stats: 37 receptions for 532 yards and 4 touchdowns over 18 games. 114.2 PPR fantasy points, 6.3 points per game.

Mitchell started in every game for Edmonton last year in his second season in the CFL. The former Minnesota Vikings draft pick could be in some competition to hold his spot as a starter. Kurleigh Gittens Jr., Eugene Lewis, and Kyran Moore are locks among the 5 starting receiving positions. The other 2 spots will come down to the final preseason game for the Elks, although Mitchell has an advantage in the competition.

39. Clark Barnes – Calgary

2023 Stats: 25 receptions for 234 yards and 1 touchdown over 9 games. 54.4 PPR fantasy points, 6 points per game.

Barnes was a third-round draft pick in 2023 and showed potential as he started in the first 9 games of the season. He will have an opportunity to potentially start this season as well, especially with Calgary’s receiving corps dealing with injuries.

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