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A Tragic Event Led William Stanback Back to the CFL

“I’m where I’m supposed to be.”

William Stanback

Says Montreal Alouettes RB William Stanback in a report from The Observer in SarniaOntario, Canada, who lost his parents 9 days a part in 2020. Despite the tragedy, Stanback had a shot with the Las Vegas Raiders, but the passing of William Sr, and his mother Patricia 9 days apart forced the Raiders to release him 7 days into camp.

“If my parents were alive, I’d be in the NFL because I never would have left training camp. I was gone for 10 days. That’s why I got cut.”


Instead of letting the tragic events affect him negatively, Stanback decided to move on with his career, dedicating this season to his parents.

“In my eyes, truthfully, I do believe (the Raiders) had a small loss. I’m someone who could have helped them any kind of way. But it’s okay. I’m going to continue to live my life. If I’m not where I’m supposed to be then I don’t need to be there. I’m somewhere I’m happy at the end of the day. It didn’t work out. Circumstances happened in my life that caused me to not be there. That’s the main reason.”


After working out for multiple NFL teams in 2019, Las Vegas stood out. HC Jon Gruden liked the way he was a powerful downhill runner, something they needed to back up starter Josh Jacobs. Plus they offered him a $100,000 signing bonus.

Even though more NFL teams came calling, Montreal was his first contact. He knew he could succeed there. In 2019 he was 3rd in the league with 1,048 yards, averaging 6.2 yards per carry (YPC), and 5 TDs.

“God gives his toughest battles to his toughest soldiers, and I feel like I’m one of his toughest soldiers. I’ve been through so much in my life. I’ve been lied on … in college and growing up; not making it to the NFL the year I thought I would. Not being drafted. Everyone I know in the NFL has told me I can play there. That’s fine. … I’m happy where I’m at. I have an organization that actually believes in me and cares about my mental well-being.”


They also make sure he’s a big part of their game plan. He leads the league in rushing with 618 yards, including 3 straight 100-yard games, on 6.2 YPC, and 2 TDs.

He’s 27, and unfortunately, that’s old in the NFL, so a return is unlikely. But that doesn’t seem to bother him.

“If I’m in the CFL for the rest of my career, that’s fine I’m satisfied.”


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