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Bombers Beat BC & Headed Back To The Grey Cup: Game Ball & Jock

In a wildly entertaining game – that saw a fifth straight sell out at IG Field – the Bombers did not disappoint.

There is an old adage in sports “They don’t ask you how, they ask you how many.” That could not be any truer for the Western Final. It was not a game where the Winnipeg’s offence was flashy at all, but Winnipeg got the job done.

Bombers’ Offence

Really the major bright spot for Winnipeg was the running of Oliveira; and the pushed from the offensive linen that he got! I think it was a 5 yard push to get him into the end zone at one point.

Bombers Defense

Do not be surprised about how well the Bombers defense played! All over social media leading up to the game they talked about how defense wins championships.

Here is the Bomber’s defense by the numbers.

In total, the Bombers had 9 quarterback sacks, 5 takeaways – 3 of those being balls intercepted. I said for the Bombers to be successful they would need to contain Adams, while limiting Hatcher and Whitehead.

Game Ball

Likely you would have a hard time going wrong with any pick.

If the Game Ball was simply given out on highlight material, then Lawler would be in the running!

Or to Blue Bombers Nick Hallett for his blocked punt, and then the scoop and score! I believe that play was more instrumental in gaining momentum and taking points off the board for BC.

But I have to give a co-Game Ball to Houston and Holm for their game changing interceptions – which can be found in the video below. Maybe you would have chosen somebody else; watch the highlights and let me know!


If you were not aware this game was played on Remembrance Day. So it was only appropriate that there was a moment of silence before the game. Fans were encouraged (if able) to rise, remove there hats and observe a moment of silence.

I will be honest, I have no clue how the thermal gear works, and I won’t fault a guy for not taking that off in a moment of silence. Where I will find fault is a guy who did not take of his toque. And that is exactly what happened with Evans. He was able to take his toque off for the national anthem, but somehow just couldn’t desire to pry it off his head for the moment of silence.

Maybe that’s an honest mistake. Maybe it is a gaffe. Whatever it was, it was Remembrance Day; not just the Western Final. For not paying proper respect to the troops, Evans you get the Jock.

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