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Western Final BC At Winnipeg: Don’t Tell Winnipeg They Are Too Old

You have heard it this season and maybe you have even said it this season, “The Bombers are getting too old to continue to compete.”

Well, the Bombers have heard it also, and their response is right below!

The clip moved a little bit too fast for me to catch all of it but it would appear that the Bombers are 1st in many categories.

And as if they needed a theme for more motivation, their theme heading into the playoffs is Reclaim The Throne!

But it all comes down to one day, one game. The CFL is an interesting league as their playoffs are win or go home! (In the Bombers ‘ case, win or stay home).

What we have been watching this week was both teams injury list. Earlier this week I asked the question, Do Injury Concerns Loom For The Bombers?

As the week has progressed here are each teams injury reports.

BC Lions


I am going to go ahead and say that any Bomber listed as “Questionable” that played a full 3rd practice is going to see the field; they will see game time (Murphy and Jeffcoat).

Those that are listed as “Questionable” and had limited practice will likely see the field unless they would do more harm to their team by playing (Demski and Bailey). I really do expect to see Bailey play as I know he has been playing hurt for quite some time. Demski? I am not quite as certain.

The you have 1 player listed as ‘Questionable” and did not practice all week (Dalton Schoen). Schoen has been injured for a while and I think all of us knew he was not coming back in the regular season. Late in October the Bombers signed receiver Markeith Ambles to the practice roster, which signaled to me that Schoen was going to be a big question mark. And as we learned on Friday, Schoen has been placed on the 1 Game Injured List.

With that, here are the depth charts.

BC Lions’ Depth Chart

Who To Watch For On BC

If am the Bombers there are 3 players that worry me; and no Mathieu Betts is not one of them. Taking nothing away from his amazing year, the Bombers have proven that they can scheme against him…and footing may be an issue for Betts as he find the right footwear for frozen turf.

The 3 guys I would be worried about is the Lions’ quarterback (Adams); their wide receiver (Whitehead); and their slot back (Hatcher). Those were the 3 players that had success against Winnipeg last time they played at IG Field.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ Depth Chart

Winnipeg Weapons

If I am the Lions I certainly can’t let Winnipeg’s run game get going…it can kill you! I would also want to make sure that I am containing the ever explosive Janarion Grant who can flip the field and put up 6 in the blink of an eye. This game may also come down to the kickers. While both teams have good kickers, Winnipeg has the edge in that category.

For those wondering about the rules around “GDT” or game time decision; the Bombers have up until 30 minutes before kickoff to decide if that player will play or if they will bring someone else on to the roster.

Let me know what you will be watching for, and throw a score prediction out there in the comments section wherever you happen to be reading this!

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