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Do Injury Concerns Loom For The Bombers?

If Bomber fans were simply to look at this graphic they would be concerned; but should they be?

For those not aware “DNP” stands for did not practice. Therefore, there are 5 players that did not practice and admittedly because of injury. And it is not like they are no-name players. They are cornerstones of this team. I can tell for with certainty that Rasheed Bailey is hurting.

Then there are the 7 players that were a “Healthy Scratch.” One has to wonder why? They already had a full bye-week.

If you have ever listened to football players at the end, or nearing the end of the regular season they will tell you that nobody is 100% at this point.

So what is a good point of comparison? Maybe comparing it against their opponent’s injury list is a good start.

As we quickly see, the Lions also had 5 DNP but they also had 5 players with injury that did practice a full practice and only 1 player that had a partial practice.

Does that mean that BC is healthier than Winnipeg? Not necessarily. It could simply be a different approach to getting ready for the game. It is possible that Winnipeg believes their players need the rest more than the practice; and BC believes their players need the practice.

When it comes to sports we can often wonder which approach was the best one. The answer is simple…the one that worked.

I just look at the Bombers’ list and wonder, why practice? Who was practicing? And what were they practicing?

Will we know more after Wednesday’s practice? Potentially, so stay tuned.

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