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Bombers Control Their Destiny: Bombers vs Elks Preview

The Bombers are in full control of their destiny. Gone are the years of scoreboard watching to see where the Bombers end up in the standings…and that is a good thing!

Yes, fans of the Bombers will be watching the scoreboard on Friday night for if the Stampeders beat the Lions then Winnipeg will clinch first in the West. However, the great news is that Winnipeg does not need to rely on BC. After BC’s game on Friday they are on a bye to end the season. As for Winnipeg they will play at home vs. the Elks on October 21, and then on the road to end the regular season on October 27 in Calgary. Winnipeg only needs to win one of those games to guarantee that they will host the Western Final!

What Bomber fans should not be watching are the Power Rankings. I likely see these about 3 times a year and by accident while scrolling through social media. The Power Rankings have absolutely no bearing on much of anything. I see them more as click bait to get fans arguing about where the ranking of 9 teams should be.

What To Watch For


I will be watching to see how the Bombers handle Tre Ford. In the exact same breathe I will be watching to see who the Elks play and for how long! This is the last game of their season and I have to imagine they are in evaluation mode…but with Jones’ at the helm my mind would not be blown to see them play all their starters the whole game and forego evaluation.

This is a statement game for Winnipeg. I will go further and call this a must win game for Winnipeg! Even if Calgary beats BC on Friday night the Bombers need to win this game. The Elks are 4-13. You do not want to lose to a 4-13 team; and you sure do not want to have to come from behind to beat a 4-13 team heading into the playoffs. I will also be closely watching if Winnipeg displays their killer instinct.


The watch continues. Will Manny Arceneaux catch a pass for his 146 consecutive game? Last week they went to him early. Will Winnipeg shut him down or will their bend but don’t break defense mean that Manny adds another game to that total?

For Edmonton they are not just playing for pride and their future with the club…they are able to play spoiler for the Bombers making the Bombers go one more week without securing the Western Final. I will be watching the level of motivation that Edmonton brings knowing that their season is already over.

Bombers’ Injury Report

Bombers’ Depth Chart

Schoen is out; Wolitarsky moves to slot sack to cover for him; Oleary-Orange starts at wide receiver for Wolitarsky; and other than that the depth chart is the same as their last game against BC.

Elks Injury Report

Edmonton Depth Chart

How much and how long are the questions. How time do the Edmonton starters get? It looks like Edmonton will be auditioning their defensive players more than their offensive players. Can Winnipeg find some targets to pick on Edmonton’s defense? This depth chart certainly seems to indicate that Chris Jones is more worried about his defense for 2024 than he is his offence.

Both teams have something to play for, though what it is may be different.

On a late October night, the weather will be great for some wildly entertaining football!

Let me know if the comments section, wherever you happen to be reading this, your prediction on the outcome of the game!

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