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Bombers Looking Ahead—Alford Comments On CFL’s Top Performer Nod

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have indeed had quite the series of games as of late, and really, there’s no question as to why they are leading the West Division in the CFL. Players and head coach, Mike O’Shea, made some comments following their last win over the Elks this past weekend—their fourth victory in a row.

In other Bombers news, as we’ve reported, DeAundre Alford has been named as CFL’s Performer of the Week. He made some comments about the honor.

DeAundre Alford has been named CFL’s Performer of the Week

via Winnipeg Blue Bombers /Twitter

As has been reported by Global News, at 23 years old, he has made quite the impression already, specifically in the game against the Edmonton Elks last Saturday the 18th.

Not only did the young man land two defensive tackles in the game, but he scored his first touchdown, his first-ever interceptions (2 and the first ones of his career); also, his first forced fumble.

He had this to say about his relationship with his teammates and his goals moving forward:

“I feel very comfortable…I got guys in the secondary — Brandon Alexander, Nick Taylor, Mike Jones, and also Deatrick Nichols. We watch film together, we watch extra film, (and) we stay after practice, just talk…We got a real good friendship, so they just played a big part in my success so far. I just got to keep getting better…”

via Global News

On his progress and his intentions, he said:

“…I’ve been doing pretty good…I just love getting my hands on the ball and tonight it happened twice. I’m just very blessed. I just want everybody to know who No. 45 is in the league. I’m young, but I’ve got a lot of vets that have been helping out, getting me up quick to the level of play. I just want to let everyone know I’m here for a long time and I want to go down as one of the best boundary corners in the league.”


Bombers head coach, Mike O’Shea had this to say about Alford:

“He’s a sponge…He’s learning and he’s humble. He’s making sure that he knows he has to keep learning. And I do think, even in game, that that pick is not an accident…It’s him understanding and believing and trusting himself. And believing his eyes and film study…”

via Global News

The Bombers morale heading into their first bye week of the season

As stated earlier in this piece, the Bombers are certainly at the top of their game. There have been a few slips so far this season, and yes, even in their wins, as has been reported, but overall, they’re putting forth quite the impression of strength, fatigue, but humble confidence going in to their first bye week of their two for this season.

via CFL /Twitter

They seem to be looking ahead with a positive outlook, and although cautious, as is smart, they definitely have high hopes for the future and their return when on October 1st, they’re set to face the ferocious BC Lions at 10 PM EST.

Mike OShea via The Globe and Mail

Head coach Mike O’Shea had this to say about their victory last Saturday and about the bye week:

“We came out of the gates very quickly and then we did give them some life…There were a couple quarters in a row where it just didn’t feel great. But our defense managed to score, which is always fantastic. When they chip in points like that it tips the balance back in our favor. And then we took control near the end there. It certainly didn’t feel like a clean game for a couple quarters. But we’re not going to complain about it…The players have worked so bloody hard to get to this point…This bye week is coming just at the right time because they need a mental break. We’ve been pushing them and more than we’re pushing them, they’re pushing each other as a team to just keep working and working and working and putting in time to make sure they’re doing the right things…I’m very happy for them, that we got the win, and proud of them that we’ve gotten this far…”


But as stated earlier, this success hasn’t been without its issues—particularly the placekicking issues that have plagued the team in recent weeks, which was only made worse sadly by Ali Mourtada’s missing all 3 attempts in the last game. This is also something that needs to be addressed before their game against the Lions. O’Shea has made statements according to an article at that he’ll be going with Mourtada once again.

We hope that he can do better and get rid of his jitters or whatever it was that was off in that game, but only time will tell.

Andrew Harris via Winnipeg Free Press

And Andrew Harris made a monumental move forward in his career, he landing a position on the list of CFL’s All-Time Rushers to the 6th spot, which gets him past Kelvin Anderson.

Harris had this to say about that accomplishment:

“It’s definitely something I’m proud of…it’s not a one-man show. It’s a credit to my coaches and my teammates along the way. It’s a lot of hard work and dedication and staying healthy. I’m definitely a little beat up right now, I’m not going to lie, so I’m going to enjoy this bye week and take it all in and spend some time with family and friends. I’m looking forward to getting back and doing what I do best…”


And so we all hope for the same. So rest up, boys, and we’ll see them on the 1st of October…although it’ll be kind of weird not having the Bombers to watch this week.

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That’s what the old PVR is for I guess. Till the next one, dear readers.

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