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Brady Oliveira on BC’s Run Stopping, Winnipeg’s Ability to Win on the Ground or Through the Air

1 on 1 interview with Winnipeg Blue Bombers running back, Brady Oliveira. Conducted Saturday at Tim Hortons Field ahead of Grey Cup Sunday.

Coming into this game with Montreal in their last game, they stopped the running back short of 4 yards on 8 of his 12 carries. How are you preparing for this one against Montreal?

“Yeah. You know, preparing it like any other week, you know, come out here and have a great week of preparation. And I say, you know, when you have a great week of prep, when you practice hard, it’s gonna translate into performances. You’re gonna go you’re gonna play how you practice, right. So, just stick to, and do what we do. You know, play to our style of football.”

“You know, we got the best offensive line in this league. Receivers do a great job in the run game, blocking. So, yeah, you know, they’re gonna make their plays. They get paid also so as well. It’s gonna be a battle. They’re in the Grey Cup for a reason, so I expect a tough physical football game tomorrow, and I’m very excited.”

Last week, what did you think of BC’s run-stopping? Because you had tremendous success with the 96 yards in the first half of the game very quickly, but then they did a pretty good job holding you later on. What did you think going through the film of the second half?

“You know, I look it like this. You know, whatever it takes to win, right. Whether that is me getting, you know, a bunch of touches or minimal touches and lots of yards or minimal yards. Whatever it takes to win, right. And I think, you know, I did my part with the team to help us, you know, win the game.”

“And, you know, I think BC did a great job of just game plan right coming in the second half and, you know, loading the box up. And it’s tough, I mean, it’s tough to run against the loaded box. But with that being said, I mean, pick your poison.”

“You wanna try and stop me and load the box? Well, we got the best receiving core in this entire league, and we got the best quarterback in this league that will take shots, and we’ll beat you over top. So you gotta you gotta stop me. Great. We have the receivers to get the job done or stop the receivers, and then we’ll punch you and run you.”

What are your thoughts on Montreal’s running backs?

“They’re great, man, you know. Big fan of of Antwi. You know, he’s a fellow Canadian. I support all my Canadians in this league, You know. This league is so special because of the Canadian talent that we have in this league. So Antwi has been doing a great job, and Stanback has been a great running back for many years in this league. He plays the game the right way. You know, he’s a big physical back that is fast. So I’ve always been a huge fan of his game, you know, when, You know, when I wasn’t starting and I had, you know, time to, you know, look up to other running backs and see how their game was, right. So you know, been a huge fan of Stanback and I think they got a great running back over there.

It kind of segways into my next question. I spoke to Antwi last week, and he spoke about how he’s he’s so excited when he sees players like yourself, Matthieu Betts, and Canadians do well. Do you feel the same way?

Absolutely. I mean I’m the biggest supporter and biggest fan for all my Canadians, you know, especially seeing Canadians starting at skill positions and doing such a great job. I mean, it’s only gonna benefit this league, right. So, I watch, I don’t only just watch our games, you know. I make sure to, you know, sit down on my couch, put TSN on, watch other people play in the league, and cheer for my fellow Canadians because it truly is, is great for this league.

It’s probably one of the better gatherings of Canadian receivers as well for both teams.

“Oh yeah for sure. It’s great Canadian talent, great receivers. And, I think you’re gonna see a lot of great Canadians make plays come tomorrow.”

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