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CFL Midseason Divisional All-Stars, CFL All-Stars, Midseason Accolades

With the conclusion of Friday’s game, every team has now played at least 9 games. CFL News Hub’s Midseason CFL Divisional and CFL All-Stars and brief summaries of why players were named. Also includes mid-season awards.

Midseason Accolades 

Top Quarterback: Chad Kelly (TOR)

Most Outstanding Offensive Player (non-quarterback): Brady Oliveira (WPG)

Most Oustanding Defensive Player: Mathieu Betts (BC)

Most Oustanding Canadian: Mathieu Betts (BC)

Most Oustanding Rookie: Austin Mack (MTL)

Coach: Ryan Dinwiddie (TOR)

Midseason Divisional All-Stars

TeamPosWest DivisionTeamPosEast Division
WestQBZach Collaros (WPG)EastQBChad Kelly (TOR)
WestRBBrady Oliveira (WPG)EastRBA.J. Ouellette (TOR)
WestWRDalton Schoen (WPG)EastWRAustin Mack (MTL)
WestWRAlexander Hollins (BC)EastWRKaion Julien-Grant (MTL)
WestWRReggie Begelton (CGY)EastWRJustin Hardy (OTT)
WestWRNic Demski (WPGEastWRDavaris Daniels (TOR)
WestWRKeon Hatcher (BC)EastWRTim White (HAM)
WestLTStanley Bryant (WPG)EastLTNick Callender (MTL)
WestLGEvan Johnson (SSK)EastLGBrandon Revenberg (HAM)
WestCChris Kolankowski (WPG)EastCDavid Beard (HAM)
WestRGSukh Chungh (BC)EastRGKristian Matte (MTL)
WestRTJemarcus Hardrick (WPG)EastRTDejon Allen (TOR)
WestDEWillie Jefferson (WPG)EastDEBryce Carter (OTT)
WestDTWoody Baron (BC)EastDTCasey Sayles (HAM)
WestDTMike Rose (CGY)EastDTDewayne Hendrix (TOR)
WestDEMathieu Betts (BC)EastDEFolarin Orimolade (TOR)
WestLBBo Lokombo (BC)EastLBWynton McManis (TOR
WestLBLarry Dean (SSK)EastLBTyrice Beverette (MTL)
WestCLBTitus Wall (CGY)EastCLBChris Edwards (HAM)
WestCBGarry Peters (BC)EastCBJamal Peters (TOR)
WestHBMarcus Sayles (BC)EastHBRobertson Daniel (TOR)
WestSQuincy Mauger (BC)EastSMarc-Antoine Dequoy (MTL)
WestHBDeontai Williams (SSK)EastHBRichard Leonard (HAM)
WestCBDemerio Houston (WPG)EastCBBrandin Dandridge (OTT)
WestKSean Whyte (BC)EastKLewis Ward (OTT)
WestPCody Grace (CGY)EastPRichie Leone (OTT)
WestSTMario Alford (SSK)EastSTJavon Leake (TOR)

CFL Midseason All-Star Team

PosCFL All Star
QBChad Kelly (TOR)
RBBrady Oliveira (WPG)
RECAustin Mack (MTL)
RECDalton Schoen (WPG)
RECKeon Hatcher (BC)
RECAlexander Hollins (BC)
RECNic Demski (WPG
LTNick Callender (MTL)
LGBrandon Revenberg (HAM)
CChris Kolankowski (WPG)
RGKristian Matte (MTL)
RTDejon Allen (TOR)
DEWillie Jefferson (WPG)
DTWoody Baron (BC)
DTMike Rose (CGY)
DEMathieu Betts (BC)
LBLarry Dean (SSK)
LBBo Lokombo (BC)
CLBChris Edwards (HAM)
CBGarry Peters (BC)
HBRobertson Daniel (TOR)
SMarc-Antoine Dequoy (MTL)
HBMarcus Sayles (BC)
CBDemerio Houston (WPG)
KSean Whyte (BC)
PCody Grace (CGY)
STJavon Leake (TOR)



West QB – Zach Collaros (WPG)

Zach Collaros is 2nd in yards despite missing 2 games to injury. He has completed 173 of his 250 passes (69.2%) for 2,538 yards and 20 touchdowns with 9 interceptions. The Winnipeg passing offense has been one of the most lethal in the CFL with Collaros under center.

East QB – Chad Kelly (TOR)

Chad Kelly has completed 149 of his 213 passes (70%) for 2,402 yards with 16 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. He has the highest QBR among CFL quarterbacks and has demonstrated an exceptional ability to make deep accurate throws. Kelly has also added 138 rushing yards on 24 rushes. He also has the longest yards per attempt at 11.3.

Running Backs

West RB – Brady Oliveira (WPG)

Brady Oliveira has been a hammer that Winnipeg will bludgeon their opponents to sleep. Oliveira has been particularly effective in the 4th quarter seeming to only gain steam later into the game it is. He leads the league in rushing yards by over 250 with 902 yards on 158 carries (5.7 average) with 4 touchdowns. He also has 299 receiving yards on 22 catches with another 2 touchdowns.

East RB – A.J. Ouellette (TOR)

Ouellette has been a very strong runner who has been proficient in breaking tackles, making people miss, and running through tackles. He is second in rushing yards with 631 on 112 carries (5.6 average) and 4 touchdowns. He also has 126 receiving yards on 13 catches with 1 touchdown.

Wide Receivers

West WR – Dalton Schoen (WPG)

In 11 games Schoen has 44 catches for 753 yards and the league-leading 7 touchdowns. The 2022 Rookie of the Year is having another great season.

West WR – Alexander Hollins (BC)

Alexander Hollins has stepped up often at times when BC was dealing with injuries to receivers such as Keon Hatcher, Lucky Whitehead, and Dominique Rhymes. Hollins has 48 catches for 715 yards and 4 touchdowns.

West WR – Reggie Begelton (CGY)

Reggie Begelton has stepped up for Calgary who lost Malik Henry early in the season. Begelton has been consistently excellent despite Calgary’s passing game having some struggles at times this season. He is 2nd in yards with 814 on 54 catches and 2 touchdowns.

West WR – Nic Demski (WPG)

Nic Demski is 5th in yards with 668 on 44 catches and also has 5 touchdowns.

West WR – Keon Hatcher (BC)

Keon Hatcher in 7 games has compiled 657 receiving yards on 42 catches with 3 touchdowns.

East WR – Austin Mack (MTL)

Austin Mack is leading the CFL in receiving yards as a rookie with 828 on 53 receptions and 3 touchdowns. Mack has been a force frequently contributing tremendous YAC and has also shown a willingness to throw blocks downfield.

East WR – Kaion Julien-Grant (MTL)

Kaion Julien-Grant has looked like a pickup truck at times steamrolling for extra yards as well as getting open downfield. He has 486 yards over 31 catches despite only playing in 6 games due to a hand injury sustained in the 6th game. He is 5th in receiving yards per game with 81.

East WR – Justin Hardy (OTT)

Justin Hardy is the leader in receiving yards for the RedBlacks who have had much adversity losing 2 quarterbacks to injury. He has 519 receiving yards and 51 catches in 10 games and 2 touchdowns.

East WR – Davaris Daniels (TOR)

Davaris Daniels has 26 catches for 574 yards and 6 touchdowns. In week 10 he scored 3 touchdowns against Ottawa.

East WR – Tim White (HAM).

Tim White is the leader in receiving yards for Hamilton who has also had adversity at quarterback losing 2 to injury. He has 34 catches for 504 

Offensive Line

West LT – Stanley Bryant (WPG)

Stanley Bryant has been listed among the top 10 offensive linemen by Pro Football Focus in 3 separate weeks. Winnipeg has probably been the top-performing offensive line so far this season of which Bryant is a key part.

West LG – Evan Johnson (SSK)

PFF top 10 offensive linemen in 3 separate weeks.

West C – Chris Kolankowski (WPG)

PFF top 10 offensive linemen in 4 separate weeks.

West RG – Sukh Chungh (BC)

PFF top 10 offensive linemen in 3 separate weeks.

West RT – Jemarcus Hardrick (WPG)

PFF top 10 offensive linemen in 6 separate weeks.

East LT – Nick Callender (MTL)

PFF top 10 offensive linemen in 3 separate weeks.

East LG – Brandon Revenberg (HAM)

PFF top 10 offensive linemen in 6 separate weeks.

East C – David Beard (HAM)

PFF top 10 offensive linemen in 6 separate weeks.

East RG – Kristian Matte (MTL)

PFF top 10 offensive linemen in 5 separate weeks.

East RT – Dejon Allen (TOR)

PFF top 10 offensive linemen in 4 separate weeks.


Defensive Line

West DE – Willie Jefferson (WPG)

Willie Jefferson has been a game recker for Winnipeg generating pressure all the time. He has 8 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and a league-leading 10 knockdowns over his 8 games played.

West DT – Woody Baron (BC)

Woody Baron has been a big part of BC’s great run-stopping which has held their opponents’ running back to under 1 yard per carry in 2 separate games and overall. He has 8 tackles 3 sacks and 2 knockdowns.

West DT – Mike Rose (CGY)

Mike Rose has the most sacks among defensive tackles with 7 over 10 games and has a forced fumble and 18 tackles. He frequently generates QB pressures and run stops.

West DE – Mathieu Betts (BC)

Mathieu Betts is on pace to break the Canadian sack record which is set at 17. He has 11 sacks in 10 games as well as 2 forced fumbles and a knockdown. Additionally, he has been a quarterback pressure machine.

East DE – Bryce Carter (OTT)

Bryce Carter has the 2nd most sacks among East Division players with 6 over 9 games. He also has 17 tackles.

East DT – Casey Sayles (HAM)

Casey Sayles has been very effective for Hamilton and has been an effective maker of chaos for offenses they have played generating pressure and stopping the run. He has 24 tackles and 3 sacks over 9 games.

East DT – Dewayne Hendrix (TOR)

Hendrix has 15 tackles, 4 sacks and 2 passes defended.

East DE – Folarin Orimolade (TOR)

Orimolade has been exceptional at generating QB pressures. He has 27 tackles, 9 sacks, and a forced fumble over 9 games played.


West LB – Bo Lokombo (BC)

Lokombo has been great for BC this season and has 54 tackles, 2 sacks, an interception, and 3 knockdowns. Lokombo’s effectiveness in closing on receivers quickly in short passes has been a part of their ability to get the opponent’s offense off the field quickly. BC has the lowest points allowed per game in the CFL and has many games in which teams have struggled to get a passing or running game going.

West LB – Larry Dean (SSK)

Larry Dean has 64 tackles, 2 sacks, an interception, a forced fumble, and 3 knockdowns. Dean has been a force for Saskatchewan as a middle linebacker demonstrating exceptional tackling in a multitude of circumstances.

West CLB – Titus Wall (CGY)

Titus Wall has been great at covering ground quickly. His name suits him because sometimes when he tackles people it looks like a receiver ran into a Wall. He has 53 tackles, 2 sacks, a forced fumble and 2 knockdowns.

East LB – Wynton McManis (TOR)

McManis has been very fun to watch for Toronto. He has 50 tackles, 1 sack, an interception and 2 passes defended. He has been playing exceptional defense and has shown great tackling in run stops and short passes.

East LB – Tyrice Beverette (MTL)

Beverette has been a cornerstone for Montreal’s defense. He has played every game for them which is especially important given the fact Montreal has been without their starting middle linebacker and cover linebacker the last 4 games. Beverette has 49 tackles, 2 sacks and 3 knockdowns over 10 games.

East CLB – Chris Edwards (HAM)

Edwards has 32 tackles, 4 sacks, and an interception over 9 games. He has been versatile for Hamilton at the cover linebacker position.

Defensive Backs

West CB – Garry Peters (BC)

Peters Island is often under no-fly zone policies. Garry Peters has 30 tackles, 3 interceptions and 8 knockdowns. He has had at least 3 breakups in the end zone and has done a tremendous job isolating some of the top receivers in the CFL.

West HB – Marcus Sayles (BC)

Sayles has 21 tackles and 2 knockdowns over 9 games. He has been a big part of BC’s defense keeping their opponents limited.

West S – Quincy Mauger (BC)

Mauger makes few mistakes at safety. He has 22 tackles, 1 sack, and 3 knockdowns in 9 games.

West HB – Deontai Williams (SSK)

Williams has 18 tackles, and an interception, 

West CB – Demerio Houston (WPG)

Houston has been an interception machine. He has 7 in 10 games as well as 4 knockdowns and a touchdown. Houston has made some interceptions in which he timed jumping the route absolutely perfectly this season.

East CB – Jamal Peters (TOR)

Peters has provided some great tackles in addition to good coverage. He has 1 interception, a forced fumble, and 3 knockdowns.

East HB – Robertson Daniel (TOR)

Robertson Daniel has been fantastic this season. He is tied for 2nd in interceptions with 4. He also has 52 tackles, 2 sacks, a forced fumble, 4 knockdowns and a touchdown.

East S – Marc-Antoine Dequoy (MTL)

Dequoy has been all over the field. He has 32 tackles, 3 interceptions, a forced fumble and 2 knockdowns. He returned an interception for a touchdown Thursday against Winnipeg.

East HB – Richard Leonard (HAM)

Leonard has 25 tackles, a sack, 3 interceptions, and 5 knockdowns over his 9 games.

East CB – Brandin Dandridge (OTT)

Dandridge has missed some time due to injury but is still tied for 2nd in interceptions. Ottawa was recently torched by the passing game without him. He has 13 tackles, 4 interceptions, a forced fumble, 3 knockdowns and 2 touchdowns.

Special Teams

West K – Sean Whyte (BC)

Whyte has been the most accurate kicker making 28 of his 29 field goals. He has made his last 23 field goals. He is 22/23 in extra points.

West P – Cody Grace (CGY)

Averaging 48.2 yards per punt over 77 punts has scored 3 singles.

West ST – Mario Alford (SSK)

25.3 yards per kick return over 10 returns. Alford has returned 57 punts averaging 10.6 yards per return and has scored 2 touchdowns.

East K – Lewis Ward (OTT)

Ward has made 28 of his 30 field goals and is 5/5 beyond 50 yards. He is 14/14 in extra points.

East P – Richie Leone (OTT)

Averaging 48.2 yards per punt over 68 punts and scored 2 singles.

East ST – Javon Leake (TOR)

21.5 yards per kick return over 8 returns. Leake has averaged the league-leading 16.1 yards per punt return among returners with more than 1 return. Over 46 returns and has scored 4 touchdowns.

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