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CFL Dismisses Stats Crew Head Camille Awada Amid Antisemitism Scandal

Key Points:

  • Camille Awada dismissed from CFL due to antisemitic social media content.
  • Awada also resigned from his position as president of CAPE.
  • Government officials and public sectors condemn the statements and stress non-tolerance for antisemitism.

The Canadian Football League (CFL) has taken decisive action by dismissing Camille Awada, a former head of its statistics crew, after his antisemitic social media posts surfaced. The league confirmed that Awada, also the ex-president of the Canadian Association of Public Employees (CAPE), would no longer be associated with CFL activities.

CFL’s Firm Stance on Integrity: Awada’s employment with the CFL was strictly on a seasonal, part-time basis, primarily involving statistical work since 2014. The CFL’s prompt response to the issue reflects its commitment to maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment.

Awada’s Downfall in CAPE: In addition to his dismissal from the CFL, Awada stepped down from his role in CAPE amid revelations of his past social media activities. The union, representing over 23,000 federal employees, including those at Statistics Canada and the RCMP, issued an apology to those impacted by Awada’s statements.

Government’s Reaction: Treasury Board President Anita Anand and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have both acknowledged the situation, reiterating the unacceptable nature of antisemitism in Canada. Anand is closely examining the implications of Awada’s actions for his long-term career in federal service.

Awada’s Troubled Past: Screenshots from Awada’s Facebook account dating back to 2015 reveal a history of antisemitic rhetoric, including derogatory statements about Israel and conspiracy theories about media control. These posts have drawn widespread condemnation from members of CAPE and the public sector.

CAPE’s Election and Awada’s Candidacy: Despite Awada’s resignation, his name remained on the ballot for the upcoming CAPE presidency elections, raising questions about the union’s vetting process and governance. The union has not yet clarified whether members will be able to vote for Awada in the election.

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