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CFL Offical Tom Vallesi Fined After Dropping F-Bomb During Game


According to CFL insider Dave Naylor, the Canadian Football League fined official Tom Vallesi after he dropped the F-Bomb during this past week’s game between the Edmonton Elks and Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Naylor goes further into why the reaction by Vallesi happened in the first place.

Vallesi dropped the expletive at the Saskatchewan Roughriders after the team called a timeout before the second half began. He is in his 17th season as a CFL official. The CFL issued an apology after the game.

Riders head coach Craig Dickenson was forced to call the timeout before the second half began because not all of his players left the locker room and he didn’t have enough on the field. Dickenson called it “embarrassing.” after the game.

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