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CFL Result: Winnipeg Triumphs Over Edmonton 45-25, Making History on the Field

Key Points:

  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ Nic Demski and Brady Oliveira make history as the first pair of Canadians on the same team to achieve 1,000 yards receiving and rushing respectively.
  • Tre Ford‘s commendable 288 yards passing effort for Edmonton overshadowed by a relentless Winnipeg defense.
  • Zach Collaros and Dru Brown’s collective aerial assault steered the Bombers to a decisive victory, keeping their CFL standings intact.

Game Recap:

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers continued their winning spree, besting the Edmonton Elks 45-25 in a game where records were as much a highlight as the scoreline. The Bombers’ flight soared high from the get-go and never looked back, despite some spirited attempts by the Elks to rein in the score. The clash saw the Bombers making history, thanks to Nic Demski and Brady Oliveira’s stellar performance, a shining example of the CFL scores reflecting individual brilliance and team synergy.



Team Performance:

Winnipeg Blue Bombers:

The Bombers initiated the onslaught early with an 80-yard drive, culminating in Oliveira’s eighth rushing major of the season. The home crowd had more to cheer when a fumble from Edmonton’s Tre Ford found its way into Adam Bighill’s hands, who made no mistake in returning it for a touchdown. Despite a quick retaliatory strike by Edmonton, the Bombers’ offensive machinery, led by quarterbacks Zach Collaros and Dru Brown, kept the scoreboard ticking in their favor. Kenny Lawler emerged as the top receiver with 98 yards, making significant contributions to the Bombers’ offensive forays. The Bombers defense was no less stellar, stalling the Elks’ charge repeatedly, and Evan Holm’s sack on Ford was a testament to their dominance on the field.

Edmonton Elks:

Edmonton had a mountain to climb right from the start. Tre Ford, despite his valiant 288 passing yards, found little leeway against a formidable Winnipeg defense. The brief spark of resistance came when Ford connected with Emmanuel Arcenaux for a 77-yard catch, setting up a touchdown for Taylor Cornelius. The highlight for the Elks was Eugene Lewis, who led the aerial route with 158 yards. However, despite these individual exploits, the Elks couldn’t muster a consistent challenge, and their defense crumbled under the relentless pressure from Winnipeg’s offense, a reflection of their season’s struggle in the CFL standings.

Top Players:


  • WPG: Brady Oliveira (72 rushing yards, 2 TDs), Nic Demski (Achieved 1,000 receiving yards for the season)
  • EDM: Tre Ford (288 passing yards), Eugene Lewis (158 receiving yards)


  • WPG: Evan Holm (1 sack), Willie Jefferson (2 quarterback sacks)
  • EDM: Nick Morgan (10 defensive tackles), Trumaine Jones (8 defensive tackles)

With this victory in the kitty, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are all set to face the Calgary Stampeders in what promises to be a high-voltage encounter at McMahon Stadium, 9:00 p.m. ET on Oct. 27, wrapping up their regular season action. On the flip side, the Edmonton Elks will reflect on their performance and seek to regroup as their season is over.

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