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CFL Star Nathan Rourke Waived by Jacksonville Jaguars, Likely Rejoining Practice Squad

Key Points:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars waive Canadian quarterback Nathan Rourke following a brief roster elevation due to Trevor Lawrence’s injury scare.
  • Despite the waiver, Rourke’s NFL journey expected to continue with a probable return to the Jaguars’ practice squad once he clears waivers.
  • Rourke’s impressive CFL stint and preseason performances demonstrate potential for a solid NFL career.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have made the decision to waive Canadian quarterback Nathan Rourke after a short-lived elevation to the 53-man roster, marking a slight stumble in his NFL journey. This move followed the uncertainty surrounding starter Trevor Lawrence’s knee injury sustained during the Week 6 game against the Indianapolis Colts. Rourke was brought in as a safety net, marking his status as the emergency No. 3 quarterback for the Week 7 game against the New Orleans Saints.

Trevor Lawrence, the vital cog in the Jaguars’ machine, brushed off his knee injury to perform in the Thursday Night Football, leading his team to a 31-24 victory over the Saints. Lawrence’s performance was commendable, completing 20-of-29 passes for 204 yards and one touchdown. This showing rendered Rourke’s immediate services unnecessary, leading to his waiver.

The waiver is procedural, and the Jaguars’ move doesn’t spell the end of Rourke’s NFL dream. The process requires Rourke to clear waivers before rejoining the Jaguars, this time as a part of the practice squad. This route back to the Jaguars’ fold is highly probable, keeping Rourke’s NFL aspirations alive and in close proximity.

Rourke, a notable CFL star, had transitioned to the NFL carrying a promising portfolio. During his time with the B.C. Lions in 2022, Rourke showcased his prowess, throwing for 3,349 yards, 25 touchdowns, and running for 304 yards with seven touchdowns across 10 games. His CFL achievements crowned him as the Most Outstanding Canadian, a title last awarded to a quarterback in 1980.

His preseason performances with the Jaguars were not to be overlooked either. Rourke completed 65.7 percent of his passes for 348 yards with one touchdown and zero interceptions, alongside 14 rushes for 39 yards and one touchdown. These numbers were a testament to Rourke’s potential to stand firm in the NFL arena.

Rourke’s waiver comes at a time when the Jaguars are prepping for their next game on Sunday, October 29 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. As the Jaguars (5-2) are shaping their strategy for the upcoming games, the likelihood of Rourke rejoining the practice squad post waivers is high. His NFL journey is far from over, and the Jacksonville Jaguars provide a viable platform for Rourke’s skills to simmer and potentially shine in the near future.

The waiver procedure is a mere hiccup in Rourke’s transition from CFL to NFL. With a probable return to the Jaguars’ practice squad, Rourke’s NFL journey continues to be a narrative of hope and potential. His CFL scores and preseason performances are the lenses through which his NFL prospects are brightly viewed, as the Jacksonville Jaguars and Nathan Rourke look ahead to the unfolding chapters of his American football odyssey.

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