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CFL Updates Covid-19 Protocols For Fully Vaccinated Players & Coaches

On Sunday, August 15th, it was announced the CFL is implementing new covid protocols for players, coaches, and other staff members who are fully vaccinated, effective immediately per TSN’s Dave Naylor. Since players arrived in Canada for training camp, the CFL and CFLPA have been active in discussions to lighten the covid protocols, and only 2 weeks into the season, they have come to a new agreement.

The updated covid protocols include allowing fully vaccinated personnel to not wear masks outdoors, during certain outdoor and indoor social activities, including eating out at restaurants with other fully vaccinated teammates, family, friends, etc.

Naylor mentions that teams with 85% of the players and coaches vaccinated will not be required to wear masks outdoors. Additionally, vaccinated and unvaccinated players will be able to eat together while on the road for away games at a private banquet room.

While no CFL team is currently 85% fully vaccinated (as of last Friday), TSN’s Farhan Lalji chimed in to add that 3 teams currently have at least 85% of players partially vaccinated, and he expects them to reach the 85% fully vaccinated mark in roughly 1-2 weeks.

Until now, the CFL’s protocols did not take into account if a player had been vaccinated, nor did it take into account the vaccination rate of a team overall, meaning regardless of vaccination, all players and staff were required to follow the strict guidelines previously set in place. Many players announced their retirement before the season start due to these protocols, and with these updates, players should be ecstatic to regain some freedom.

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