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Duke Williams Pumped For Rematch Against Als—Another Brick Added To Riders Defensive Wall—Fans Continue To Speak Out Against Ticket Prices

Duke Williams stated recently that he is more than ready to go head to head with the Montreal Alouettes this coming Saturday. The Riders lost their first go at the team last week, but the Roughriders’ receiver, Williams, has got his sights set on Als’ defensive back, Najee Murray.

“He made a good play. He gets paid just like I get paid — not as much money, but you know what I’m saying. At the end of the day, he competed. He practiced all week long and he knew he was going against me. He knew what type of receiver I was, so that’s good on his part…

He played a good defensive game, but this week I hope he brings the same intensity, because I know mine’s going to be as high as ever. And I know me as a player, I’m very emotional. I wear it on my sleeve. This week, I put it in today. I’m going to put it in tomorrow and I’m going to keep putting it in, and he’s got to see me all week long Saturday…

I hold myself to a higher standard…The ball in the end zone — the one that he knocked out my hands — I come down with those. I’ve got a lot on my chest right now and they’ve got to see that. I’m going to let it all out by letting it out here at practice this week and, come Saturday, I’m going to bring that dog out…

Everybody ain’t dogs, but I’m one of them…If I can run, I’m going to run, no matter what. I’ve got a high tolerance for pain, so whatever I can do to help our team, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m not going to sit out because of an ankle injury and it’s not that bad…

I just put it in my head that ‘you can do it,’ grind each play, and just be out there. As long as I’m out there, I’ll play my best game and continue to compete, and that’s what I did. I rehab each and every day and, whatever my ankle can put me through, I allow it.”

via Regina Leader-Post

Dang, man! Them’s fighting words if you ask me, but really, dear readers, isn’t this what we want to see…? Good, clean competition? As far as I’m concerned, Williams has got the drive to turn the suddenly affected momentum the Riders have been guided towards by misfortune…losing 2 key players in the last two games and all…plus other injuries sustained by players, as the injury report below suggests…

via Saskatchewan Roughriders on Twitter

The game should be a showdown of epic proportions…especially with this kind of energy in the receiving end, and if Fajardo is just as motivated, things should happen on a different level for the Riders and on their home turf this time around.

Cody Fajardo did say: “you can learn a lot more from losing a football game than winning a football game” at practice this week, so….

via Roughriders on Twitter

Fans continue to complain about rising ticket prices…but is there more to this story than just inflation?

And speaking of the home turf, a few weeks ago, we ran a piece about how Riders fans have been complaining about ticket prices…due to the inflation of other things in life…food, gas, etc..

Well, that story isn’t over apparently. Fans, specifically one, Regina local Kelly Bale, has stated that he just can’t enjoy going to games with his father and son due to the cost, just as others have been complaining this season.

But as it would turn out, he blames the original building model for the stadium and not just inflation, as other fans have voiced.

We’re only six years into what was a 30 year building model though…that leaves a whopping $170 million left to pay…money that is being worked into the price of tickets and taxes for the locals, and all on a stadium that is dependent on the success of both the CFL and the Riders themselves.

But if you ask Roger Brandvold, the former chair for the Roughriders Football Club Inc., the mold was just fine. He said:

“Circumstances have changed significantly in that last 10 years, particularly the last two-and-a-half to three years. We also have to look out and be very careful that we don’t overreact to this window. Do I agree that this was the right funding model? Absolutely.”

via Regina Leader-Post

Evidently some fans do not agree. The aforementioned Kelly Bale had this to say on the matter:

“Without a solid foundation under the league that was going to be the primary tenant of the building, I would definitely consider it irresponsible to put this on property taxpayers and ticket buyers.”

via Regina Leader-Post (link above)

I truly don’t see a resolution to this; especially if only a few voices are voicing an opinion, which is of course sad because there is a massive portion of their fans that are suffering financially, and going to see a football game just doesn’t top the list of priorities it seems.

Yet Another Brick Added To Riders’ Defensive Wall

And according to, the Riders have added yet another force on the defensive side of the team… linebacker Keishawn Bierria, formerly of the Edmonton Elks in 2021. He had also been drafted by the Denver Broncos in the sixth round in 2018 (NFL Draft). He also played with the Arizona Cardinals and the Jacksonville Jaguars during his time in the NFL. He should definitely make some raucous noise back there.

via Roughriders on Twitter

Remember, readers…the Riders are set to take on Montreal once again on Saturday July 2nd at 7:00 PM EST.

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1 Comment

  1. David Tress

    July 1, 2022 at 10:09 am

    Rider fans wouldn’t complain about ticket prices if they signed more players like Duke Williams. The Roughriders should bring in Johnny Manziel to put more pressure on Fajardo to perform.

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