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Riders Deal W/ Thursday’s Loss On Way To Rematch W/ Montreal—Riders Suffer Yet Another Injury To Key Player

What had started out as a season with the absolute best of intentions is starting to turn into an ill-fated start for the Saskatchewan Roughriders sadly. The Montreal Alouettes beat them 37 to 13 last Thursday.

Now the teams are set to face one another again this coming Saturday at 7 PM EST. The big question now is: How is morale for the Riders? And with yet another injured player—a key player at that—added to the list of cons the team is facing, can they turn this around?

Als kicker, Chandler Worthy, certainly made quite the statement in the home game for the Als against the Riders. It was only a mere 15 seconds when Worthy put the Alouettes ahead when he returned the opening kickoff. He had some statements regarding the game:

“Honestly, I was nervous coming out. I was talking to my brother, he was talking me through thoughts of doubt because we all have them, you know…Wanting to impress everybody, dealing with uncertainty and all of those things…

So just coming out, all that was on my mind was do whatever it takes to win and fight with hope in my heart. Thankfully I was able to break through and help spark the team so that we win.”

via CBC

Riders QB, Cody Fajardo also had a few statements to make regarding the game, being as honest and as humble as he always is, pinpointing the exact moment when he felt everything started to go wrong for them. He said:

“We’d obviously love to run back the opening kickoff. Because then you’re up 7-0 already and your crowd’s involved and it just made it difficult on us…

They beat us in all three phases tonight, especially offensively, they brought their A game and we got to be ready for them.”

via CBC (link above)

Als QB, Trevor Harris, who was filling in for the Covid-19-afflicted Vernon Adams Jr., was happy about the win, but when referencing the follow-up game scheduled for later next week, he sounded as though he wasn’t underestimating the Roughriders in the least bit. He said of the Riders:

“I think there’s a lot of belief that’s tied to that (win) but we know Saskatchewan is going to come out with a greater effort at home…We’re going to flush this just like we flush a loss. We’re going to flush this one and make sure we get better.”

via CBC (link above)

And speaking of that other bit of really bad news…the hits that just keep on coming for the Roughriders of Saskatchewan…the team has suffered yet another injury to a very important cog in the mechanism that is the whole team: Receiver Shaq Evans fractured his ankle and now will be missing from six to eight weeks of play because of it, according to TSN’s Farhan Lalji.

The injury came during the first quarter of play against the Als on Thursday last. Back in 2021 he had broken his leg as well. Of course the team lost Dan Clark to an injured ankle just last week. Evans made a statement regarding the injury:

“I appreciate everyone who has reached out so far with love and support…But I cannot lie my heart is broken.”

via Shaq Evans on Twitter
via Roughriders on Twitter

The fans too are heartbroken, but belief is in the team, despite the dark days past and those that may lie ahead. After all, this is Canadian professional football. What would it be without a few dark days along the path to greatness?

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