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Edmonton Elks Make a Big Splash, WR Eugene Lewis Signs With Team

Edmonton Elks Media Release via Edmonton Elks

The Edmonton Elks laned a much-needed playmaker in obtaining CFL star Wide Receiver Eugene Lewis. The Elks signed Eugene Lewis to a 2-year deal through 2024. The Edmonton Elks opened their wallets which will cost the Elks $320,000 per season. This makes him the highest paid non-quarterback in the CFL.

Last season was no different in big spending by the Elks. They signed Kenny Lawler to a 1-year deal in 2022 which at that time, made him the highest-paid non-quarterback in the CFL. Kenny Lawler took his talents back to Winnipeg for the upcoming season by signing a 2-year deal.

Earlier Tuesday, he penned a goodbye later to the Alouettes as per TSN.

“When I got to Montreal in 2017, I didn’t know what to expect,” Lewis wrote. “Didn’t even know If I was going to make the team coming in with only three days left of training camp. All I knew is I was going to give this city everything I had and grind each and every day. Six years later one thing I can promise is I gave everything I could. This city and fanbase embraced me in a special way and I will always be grateful of the great province of Quebec. There was so much change for me throughout these years whether it was coaches, teammates, upstairs office, trainers, Equipment staff, owners, presidents, GMs, etc…. But I wouldn’t change anything.

“We helped change the culture of this organization for the better and no one can take that away. I want to thank all my coaches, teammates, Alouettes Organization, Als Nation, for supporting me all these years and helping me become the player I am today. There were so many Memories made that will live on forever and I will dearly miss the people of Montreal. The Alouettes will always be in my heart and I will never forget how much this community means to me. Making this decision was very difficult but sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust God.”

Love Forever Montreal


— Geno Lewis (@GENOALLDAY7) February 14, 2023

What Eugene Lewis will bring to the Edmonton Elks will be endless. The former Penn State Nittany Lions (2013-2015), and Oklahoma Sooner (2016) played competitive football at both the Big 10 and Big 12 Conferences respectively. 

He would join the Montreal Alouettes in 2017. After struggling in his rookie season in the CFL, he would not look back in which he would have a breakout season in 2018. And it would continue to this day cementing himself as one of the premier players in the Canadian Football League.

With 68 games played, 276 receptions, 4347 receiving yards, 1289 yards after the catch, and 28 touchdowns, Edmonton fans are loving this signing.

Eugene Lewis has a talent that can change your franchise around, along with being a piece that could put you over the top for a long playoff push and a Grey Cup. 

With the last two seasons being a humiliating struggle, this will be a year in which the Edmonton Elks can turn a corner and challenge for a playoff spot.

Moreover, with a young squad as a whole, the Edmonton Elks have a team that can only grow and get better in the future. 

Edmonton fans are you happy?

Is this not fun?

Let’s Antler Up in 2023!

Eugene Lewis is now an Edmonton Elk.

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