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Johnny Augustine Re-Signs With The Bombers While Oliveira Is Silent

If this were 2021 the headline would be exactly what a large contingent of Bomber fans wanted.

It is simply hard to fathom that a number of years ago Bomber fans were screaming for more of Augustine and less of Oliveira! I am sure you recall those moments. The Winnipeg run game was taking its time finding its way and the Bombers had committed to Oliveira being the featured running back; not a bad decision in hindsight.

In 2023 Oliveira was named the Most Outstanding Canadian with over 1,500 yards rushing and over 2,000 yards rushing/receiving combined.

Yet this week Augustine captures the headlines.

The Bombers and Augustine have come to a new 1 year deal. There are a couple of things that should have caught your attention with a 1 year deal. First of all, Winnipeg hosts the Grey Cup in 2025. So why only a 1 year deal?

Secondly, running backs are not particularly hard to find. Every years tons of American running backs are signed to CFL practice rosters before the season starts. Even others come in mid-season. Yet not many stick. I said that running backs were not hard to find…I did not say “good running backs.”

So what sticks out to me about the 1 year deal is that does not address the 2025 season. Why would Augustine want a 1 year deal? I can only see him wanting a 1 year deal if he thinks Oliveira will not be back; thus giving himself (Augustine) an opportunity to have a break out year and command more for a 2025 contract.

However, if I am the Bombers there is only one reason that I want to give Augustine a 1 year deal…I think that Oliveira is still in play for 2025. If Oliveira is still in play then the Bombers would not want to make Augustine the heir apparent with a longer (and possibly more expensive) contract.

There is another possibility that has not been mentioned. Maybe a 1 year deal was the compromise that the Bombers and Augustine could actually agree on.

It is very clear that Augustine has been a role player for most of his career.

What will the future hold for Augustine and the Bombers? Whatever the case, here is all we know right now. The Bombers will have Augustine for the 2024 year.

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Don Cruickshank Reporter
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