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Lions To Take On Bombers—What Does The Rest Of The Season Hold For Nathan Rourke?

The time has come Lions fans, for the second team in the West Division to take on the ever-powerful Winnipeg Blue Bombers. They didn’t fare very well the last time around, which was back in July, the Bombers coming out on top in that game, 43 to 22.

The Bombers do have two losses this season, the returning Grey Cup Champions succumbing to the Alouettes surprisingly (20-17) back in August and then again but by a larger margin to the Tiger-Cats, 48 to 31, back on September 17th.

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And what is the $64,000 question now folks? Can the second team in the West Division pull one out of the old and dusty bag of tricks? Would it have to come to that—a fluke—which is what many called what the Als and the Ti-Cats were only able to do so far this season?

In the end, it’s anyone’s guess. This is a game after all, and chance does have a big part in sports, folks…just look at everything that’s already gone down so far this season….

Speaking of the Lions specifically, let’s take a look, shall we? Nathan Rourke had what I called a prodigious start to the season. I was even called out on singling him out, stating that he was indeed a prodigy and he should be happy with the role, which he humbly shied away from.

I’ll take the opportunity now to state that what I intended was a positive boost…essentially making a comparison between he and sporting legends of the past, specifically Wayne Gretzky and the be-all end-all athlete of all-time in my eyes, Michael Jordan.

Understand, I grew up with athletes that embraced their celebrity and it was odd for me to see Rourke, who I believe is on their level (beginning stages) and is gifted, forgive me, and all I wanted to see at the time was pride in that role, but I respect that that isn’t Rourke’s way. I still have high hopes for his career.

Regardless, that incredible run he was having ended with an injury—it was back in August that Rourke got injured, specifically what is known as a Lisfranc sprain on his right foot. This required surgery—and sadly he apparently would be missing the rest of the season, as it was believed when he suffered the injury.

And that was to be the case until he made practice just recently. It was reported by Farhan Lalji of TSN, that Rourke did in fact participate in practice this week, throwing with the QBs. Here’s some of what he had to say on his Twitter feed (Lalji):

“Nathan Rourke took part in the individual portion of practice today, throwing with the QBs. Lions will have to make a roster designation on him by the end of the week. He likely stays on 6-game, but can be pulled off at anytime. Playoffs still a possibility.”

via Farhan Lalji on Twitter
BC Lions on Twitter

That was of course a boost for many fans—myself included. Cautious but optimistic at the same time, here is what the Lions head coach, Rick Campbell, had to say on this amazing possibility:

“We’re taking steps in the right direction. We don’t have any solid information, but there’s reason to believe guys like Rourke and Burnham and Lucky could all be back before the regular season is over…That’s not a guarantee, but it’s definitely not any false hope…We’re not counting on it. I’m just saying that it’s not out of the question.”

via The Province

Since Rourke’s injury, the Lions have lost the lead they had for second place in the West division, the Calgary Stampeders almost tying them for the spot, and Rourke’s possible return could turn things around. Many are hoping this comes to fruition.

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In other Lions news, defensive lineman Steven Richardson is still having issues with his Achilles tendon injury and he will not be returning this season.

So there you have it folks…some possible great news and sad news all heading into tonight’s battle against the returning Grey Cup champions. It should be a ‘slobberknocker’ for sure, to borrow a phrase from legendary pro wrestling commentator, Jim Ross. Goes down 10 PM EST, tonight.

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