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Truth Bombs & Game-Ball/Jocks: Bombers Feast On Elk This Thanksgiving!

This week we will be combining the Truth Bombs and the Game-Ball & Jocks.

Truth Bombs

Elk tastes better than turkey!

The Bombers certainly had a Thanksgiving feast, but it was not your traditional meal. No, instead the Bombers feasted on elk with sides of receiving yards, rushing yards and a healthy dose of touchdowns – 6 to be exact!

Amassing 503 yards of total offence Winnipeg would not punt the ball until the third quarter and only punt two times in the entire game! Winnipeg’s first three drives would all end up in touchdowns and Zach Collaros would not throw an incomplete pass until 1:42 remaining in the second quarter.

In 2023 the Bombers should hope to have Elk on the table once again for Thanksgiving!

There still was a turkey!

Although the main dish was elk there still was a turkey to be found in the form of Elk receiver Marshall. Right around the three minute warning in the first half, Cornelius completed the pass to Marshall that would result in an 8 yard loss!

This is highly ironic because in warmups the Elks were dropping balls left, right, and center. However when the receiver should have intentionally dropped the ball he caught it for an 8 yard loss!

If Dalton Schoen does not win Rookie of The Year those that have a vote should get a jock!

Schoen leads the league – not just rookies – in both receiving yards and touchdowns. With 1,275 receiving yards Dalton Schoen is ahead of the rest. Schoen also has 14 receiving touchdowns with the next closest players having 10. Schoen has proven to be a downfield threat all season and looks like anything but a rookie!

I did not see that coming!

I am not referring to the Bomber win, I totally expected them to beat the Elks. What I did not expect was to be watching the score of the game before the Bomber game – BC at Toronto. For the Bombers to have clinched the Western Final last week BC would need to lose against Toronto and Winnipeg would beat the Elks. I found it so unlikely that Toronto would beat BC that I did not even mention the scenario in last week’s article.

Nevertheless, while waiting for kickoff many of us were checking the score of the BC vs Toronto game and were absolutely shocked that Toronto was leading the game. Maybe even more shocking is that with a chance to tie the game, BC’s kicker Sean Whyte missed a field goal from 34 yards!

No, I did not see any of that happening!

Game-Balls & Jocks


Getting right into it, Schoen gets the Game-ball! There were tons of candidates in that game, as is typically the case when you feast on your opponent and beat them 48-11. However, the standout is Dalton Schoen. He had two of Winnipeg’s first three touchdowns, and as mentioned ended the night with three touchdowns!

Schoen was targeted eight times and caught seven of them for a massive 162 yard game! His average reception was 37 yards. For some players that is a good night if that is your longest reception – as it was the case for Nic Demski.

For having a career game in your rookie season, Dalton Schoen you get the game-ball!


The jock has to go to the head coach of the Elks Chris Jones.

Why? Because he made the same idiotic mistake that Craig Dickenson made the week before against the Bombers – kicking a field goal while being deep in Winnipeg territory.

After a long drive, and taking the ball to Winnipeg’s 9 yard line (while being down 28 – 8) the Elks kicked a field goal. Hello! Did you not watch the game last week where the Roughriders did the exact same thing, did not score any more points after that, and lost the game?

Apparently not, because the Elks would similarly not score any more points than that and lose the game. I am not sure if it is a tightly held secret, or if I should even mention this, but you are not beating the Bombers with field goals. I understand that Cornelius threw two incomplete passes before that field goal but you have to gamble at that point. The worst case scenario is that the Bombers start deep in their own end.

For not at all understanding the dominance of your opponent and the need to put up majors instead of field goals, Chris Jones you get the jock.

What did I get right? What did you disagree with? Let me know in the comments.

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