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Montreal Alouettes Mid-Season Review, Top Players, Predictions

Mid-Season Review

Before the season started, Montreal was one of the teams that were in contention for a run at the Grey Cup. Sitting at 2-4, that may not be the case any longer. The Eastern Leader, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are their opponent, who have already beaten them this year 27-10.

They’ll play again this Saturday, anagainst the 7-2 Ti-Cats who could repeat the original outcome. Despite the sub.500 season according to, Montreal lead in many offensive categories:

  • Points per game: 24.2
  • Plays per game 74.5
  • Yards per game 404.8
  • Yards per play 5.4
  • 1st Downs per game 24.3

The Top Players

  • Vernon Adams TD passes 11
  • William Standback rushing yards 618
  • Jake Weinike receiving TDs 5

WRs Eugene Lewis and Jake Weinike are 6th and 7th respecively in the league, but as we said before, Weinike leades the lage with 5 TDs, and Lewis is 6th with 3. Lewis, Weinike, and BJ Cunninham sit in the top 15 of receiving yards.

With more than 50 carries, Stanback not only leads the league in rushing, but also yards per carry with 6.4. But he only has 2 TDs. Adams’11 TDs leads the league in TDs, but defensively the ALouettes struggle.

The problem lies where they aren’t able to protect the QB effectively, and defensively, they only have 2 players in the top 10 in any category, DL Almondo Swell, with 3 sacks Mario Alford, who happens to be a WR. Another issue is that Adams is 4th worst and 4th best at completion percentage with 58.9%. You cannot win games when you can’t complete passes. That’s not all on Vernon though, there have been plenty of drops.

Montreal sits 6th out of the 9 teams in defense. Only Ottawa has given up more points, with the Alouettes allowing 72, and the REDBLACKS giving up 78. Luckily for Montreal, they play Ottawa 4 times this year.

The Alouettes give up the most yards per play, with 11, and is 3rd in giving up 10 TDs. I think we’ve figured out the problem.


Without an overhaul on defense, Montreal will not improve, and could end up at least the 2nd-worst team in the Eastern Division. The offense has to improve the passing game, by getting more involved, and Adams improving his passining percentage.

The hope is that they do make the turn and makes a run at the playoffs, but without major changes, it’s not likely.

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