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Ottawa REDBLACKS Player Implicated in Assault

Overnight a young man in Toronto was brutally beaten until he was unconscious, leaving him with a broken nose, crushed orbital bone and damage in his hip. Witnesses and the victim, David Gomez, say the attack happened because he’s gay.

Among the alleged assailants is Ottawa REDBLACKS DE Chris Larsen.

Gomez and a friend were out for the night, when a group of at least five men approached them and started yelling homophobic slurs as the assault took place.

The Redblacks are aware of the allegations, and is investigating the situation as well are the police.

The identification of Larsen as one of the attackers, as well as some of the statement came from social media and online sources. It’s not clear yet if charges will be brought, as the police are still looking into the situation.

June is worldwide Pride month, where members of the LGBTQ community and those who support them gather at varying events including parades, concerts, parties, and memorials.

The reason behind the month long celebration is in honor of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan, a day where members of the community decided they had had enough of the oppression, and was a tipping point in the Gay Libertarian Movement.

We hope for a speedy recovery for Mr Gomez, and that the attackers are brought to justice.

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