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Reggie Begelton Signs On W/ Stamps Through To 2024—Former Calgary Stampeder Sentenced For Crimes Committed

A wee bit of a news filled week for the Calgary Stampeders. This all coming off of an end to the 2022 season that didn’t exactly go their way, as well as  the loss of the ten-year veteran QB in Bo Levi Mitchell.

So indeed it is a time for new beginnings for the Stamps, and at the same time the season didn’t at all end on the worst possible note. The team was in the running for a second spot placement in the West Division, but again it didn’t go their way, they having been beaten by the BC Lions. But I guess by now that’s all old news.

What isn’t old news though, is the fact that receiver Reggie Begelton has re-signed with the team and he has stated that he has high hopes for the team’s 2023 season. He also went into the past season a little bit and essentially what he has learned from it moving forward.

“Ultimately, if we’re holding that Grey Cup at the end of the year, whatever I have done to help get us there is the most important thing…Yes, I’m praying for a healthy, successful year. And numbers aren’t everything to me, but, yes, they are something you strive for…

I do want to get 1,500 yards…I do want to hit it — and I haven’t hit it yet. That is something that I want to touch…But I know when I get the ball in my hands that I can YAC it up…So even if I am getting the ball at one yard or three yards, I can make something out of it. It’s just a little more difficult that way…

It wasn’t home-run balls that everybody loves — the 40-yard touchdowns or whatever like that — but that’s why we have multiple guys on the team…Me playing that role last year, I understood. It is what it is. If everybody’s looking at me underneath, then guess what, then we’ve got open guys over the top.”

via Calgary Sun

In the CFL, Begelton has only ever played with the Stamps. He had a run with the team from 2017 to 2019 and then played for the NFL—specifically the Green Bay packers from 2020 to 2021. He made his return to the Stamps in 2021 and is looking forward to the future as his statements so obviously prove. He of course is American…a Beaumont, Texas native.

via Stampeders on YouTube

Jerome Messam sentenced in recent court case

via CFLca

Former running back with the Calgary Stampeders, Jerome Messam, has been sentenced in a case involving an alleged crime committed some time back—specifically a “18-month suspended sentence,” was what he received for his alleged crimes, as CTV reported.

He was accused of voyeurism…the details of the case suggest specifically that he filmed a woman and himself during an intimate encounter, and all without her knowledge.

The aforementioned report states that court officials stated that because he didn’t use the recorded portions of their encounter for personal or financial gain, nor showed it to anyone else, the sentence he received was a significantly smaller one. He will not be doing any jail time. The official ruling was the 18 month suspended sentence mentioned above.

Essentially though the message was delivered loud and clear that he was made an example of…the court suggesting that if he was given anything lighter like say a “conditional discharge,” the court felt that the wrong example would have been set, thus their ruling for the suspended sentence, which will garner for the former CFL player a criminal record.

Messam played in the CFL for many teams, specifically for the Lions, Edmonton, the Montreal Alouettes, the Roughriders, and of course for the Stampeders, whom he was with from 2015 to 2017.

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